Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who’s the jerk now?

My backyard is ugly.  There are pine needles all over and bare spots everywhere.  The patio is the size of a postage stamp and spiders tend to gather there for a smoke and a beer.  Or something.  So .. the backyard isn't used that much, it's just not.
But every once in a while my daughter comes over with the grandpuppy and likes to let Rue (aka the puppy) out to run loose in the yard since she does not have anywhere fenced in to do that at home.  Besides the fact that if Rue is not let outside every 20 minutes the cats will have heart attacks.  Every single one of them.

So it was really annoying when it became obvious that the neighbor who has a much bigger and nicer house, yard, and car than I do, was running a little pipe straight from his house to the fence between our yards.  Ahem.  Straight to my yard, in other words.  And the puddles and lakes in my yard that the ducks would visit after a good rain - were thanks to my neighbor with his nice house and basement with a sump pump.
Never said I could dance!
So I called the village.  Had to leave a voicemail about my neighbor, fences, sump pump drainage and ducks.  I got a voicemail back saying they would look into it.  Didn't know if they would just take care of it or if they would let me know what they did.

Today I got a letter.  Very official and all that, documenting the claim that that neighbor was dumping sump water in this neighbor's yard.  It included a conclusion that that neighbor was indeed running his sump pump water directly into this neighbor's yard and a letter would be sent instructing that neighbor to direct his drainage pipe elsewhere.

The best part?  They sent pictures!  Two 8x10's printed on computer paper, one taken in that neighbor's yard - and the other taken in this neighbor's yard.  Wh-h-e-e-e-e-e !!!!!!!!!!!

Another happy dance down - no idea how many more - to go.



  1. Ben there, got the rubber boots to prove it. I have 5 men, who listen to different music living next door. I'm not stealing your thunder here, but they had the end of their hose in my driveway of all things. My husband wasn't impressed with me when he found out I laid it along their house. Not to make light of your back yard flood only to share with you that neighbors don't always know when they are binging neighborly or not, tee hee

  2. Love to do the happy dance! Some people are just rude and it always makes me happy when they get called on it.

  3. Too bad that you can't claim damages and have him pay to fix up your yard.