Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you like to save money?

Do you shop online?  I'm not asking if you shop online as much as I shop online, that would be just silly.  Not many people shop online as much as I do.  Heh.  But when you shop online, do you shop around and try to find the best deals?  

Looking for another purse tonight, there's just something about the right red bag .. ahem .. I found one I liked, took the manufacturer and name of the bag and searched.  A Google search will do, and I usually also do a search at The Find.  It's basically a shopping search site where you can search multiple stores for a single item and see the prices as well.  Very handy.  But I digress from my point.  After finding where the best price was for the bag I wanted, I went to a coupon site by doing a Google search for promo codes.  In this case all I typed was "ebags coupon codes".  There are many coupon sites, some codes work and some don't but it never hurts to type a promo code into a shopping cart, I have been known to try several until I find one that works.  Tonight, ebags had a sale with 20% off many bags.  I pulled a coupon code from Coupon Cabin and punched that in while checking out at ebags.  It gave me a choice - did I want to save 20% with the current sale, or 30% with the coupon code?  Well I'm no dummy, you know what I picked!  But y'know what?  Some stores will allow you more than one coupon code.  So you might find one for 15% off and another for free shipping.  Or better!  

So if you shop online like I do - try not to miss these deals!  It only costs you a little time and it is so worth it.


  1. I will really have to check that out. I shop on line enought to want to save when I can. And on the purse subject. I bought a Miche purse not to long ago and LOVE it. You buy a shell and then you can buy all kinds of different shells and handles for it. Easy to change purses and has lots and lots of pockets. I bought it from a home party, but you can check this site You can order on line but if you can find a rep to order from you get better deals on bundles. Just wanted to pass this along, cause you sound like you are a purse person too.

  2. Oh I have to take a look! Thanks Tonya!

  3. Great tips! Must check our Miche bags too.

  4. Great tips, now all I have to do is remember them when I shop.

  5. Honestly - it becomes a habit - I get to the end of shopping at a store and then go looking for a promo code. Or I stumble across something I like - and if it's a moderately expensive item I automatically do a search to see if I can find it for a better price or free shipping .. it's surprising what you can find sometimes.