Thursday, July 12, 2012

New house, new job and another stupid thing I did.

Remember when I sent the email saying goodbye to my co-workers before I let my boss know I was resigning? Yeah, only me.  Well, I did something else a week or so later.  Heh.  My old job allowed me to wear jeans and gym shoes every day.  Sometimes I wore a top too.  I jest.  I went topless.  Okay, no one would want to see that.  Ahem.  The new job requires business attire, maybe a bit casual business, but definitely not jeans and gym shoes.  So I had to shop.  Usually my daughter advises me on these purchases but she couldn't go with me on the last shopping trip I made - 2 days before my first day of work.

What would YOU do?

Why - you would send her a text with pictures of what you bought, right?  Yep, logical.

So that's what I did.  And then I got a text back saying "are you texting me for fashion advice?" from ... my new boss.  Heh.

My daughter is Dani.  My boss is Dan.  I sent him pictures of my new outfits.

Dani (the real daughter) told me "Mom, step away from the SEND button.  It is not your friend."

Understatement maybe!?!?



  1. You're a tool! Ha ha ha, my husband is standing over me, laughing at you. lol. Oh my god, you should have told me you moved, or maybe you did, not houses but blogs...remember I'm the sick one been out of commission for 2 months. Ok, so when I break something I usually yell, "Guy!" and he says his usual, "ok, what did you break now?" I kept going to your blog and the rss feed wouldn't allow me and it dropped off my google reader list, what's up with that. She doesn't want me to visit....

    So here is the fix, he says, "go to her blog" search, type ctrl f, type in the search rss, it goes to the bottom of your blog post and I click on it going to your new blog. There you are I found you like we are bf again. Hey! check before you send, omg I'm going to be thinking of this all all day and I have 14 people coming for tea today and not to mention the drop ins.

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one with issues like that. LOL. I have sent text to the wrong person at least once or twice (could be more, maybe) and it can be very embarrassing. But not fatal. Thank goodness.

  3. Oh that's soooo funny! Good job it wasn't anything rude!

  4. LOL good happens .... LOL !

  5. Cindy I'm not sure I've ever been called a tool before - that was great!

    Tonya I try really hard to double check first but obviously I am not always successful.

    Lady B thank goodness I thought I was texting my daughter and not someone I might be rude with!

    Diane - it is SO good to see you out and about again! Er .. so-to-speak. :)