Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In my next life ..

..I mean really, wouldn't it be great to be able to stretch out and nap wherever you wanted to - regardless of anything going on around you?  Nice.  This crabby old man cat increasingly just wants to be with me, on me, near me.  I think he's getting close to the end of his road, he's tired.  He sleeps on my bed most nights, and many times during the day as well.  His life seems to revolve around me now.  That's okay, he could be in pain or uncomfortable or unable to eat or something, but he's not.  So I'll let him sleep on my bed or my foot or wherever if it makes him happy.

On the other hand, he could be putting on a good act just to get more attention.  He's not above that kind of subterfuge.



  1. He is making sure that you have lots of good memories when he feels that it is time to leave. I have an older dog doing the same. He has never been cuddly but now he loves to sit beside me on the loveseat.

  2. .. maybe he knows something. They say animals do, but if you read about death and humans they say many times - we do too.

  3. Maybe it is near his time, but maybe he's just clinging to you because he's trying to get used to his new home. Cats, expecially older cats, don't adjust too well to change.