Friday, September 21, 2012


Buying something online tonight sent me into the kitchen to my purse to get my wallet.  While in the kitchen I remembered it was time to take some meds.  Did that and then - oh - my back hurts and my joints hurt, maybe some Ibuprophen will help.  Took that.  Oh, I think I'd like a snack - popcorn would be good, and quick.  Put that in the microwave and got myself something to drink while it popped.

When did I move here!?
Only 5 or 6 minutes in the kitchen total, and I was heading back to the living room with my single serving size microwave popcorn, a bottle of water/crystal light and a paper towel.  Sat down, picked up my laptop and saw the shopping cart for the store I was shopping in.

Did I have my wallet?

Of course not!

How many times a day does anyone else do that?  It is downright embarrassing how often I do.  Not going to count.  I mean - I'd forget the number anyway, wouldn't I?

You betcha!



  1. Erm...what did I come in here for?


  2. All the time..

    I usually remember why I've put the computer on when I've just shut it down :(

  3. I do that all the time. Makes me so mad at myself. But I haven't come with a good solution to the problem (other than hire some one to follow me around and remind me what I'm doing and since I can't afford that...) I will just keep forgetting.

  4. What I really hats is when I go to the store to get one thing and I end up picking quite a few thing. But I forget yjt

  5. Oops. Have to thank the cat for that. Anyways I don't end up home with the one item I needed.

    1. OMG I do that all the time. Stopped at the drug store for chapstick twice and both times I came home with stuff, none of it chapstick. Argh-h-h!!