Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today Drew Peterson was found guilty of the murder of his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio.  I don't know if the facts of the case warranted a guilty verdict, but with one dead wife, and another missing after she reportedly threatened to tell about the murdered one, I think it's a good bet he did it.  Most likely murdered that 4th wife, Stacy Peterson, as well.  But that's not what I wanted to write about.

Peterson had a high powered defense team, made up of well known Chicago attorneys.  I'm sure they argued for their client as well as it could have been done.  And when they would come out of court to face the media on court days, they donned their dark sunglasses and presented a cool, united front.  An arrogant, united front.  They appeared to be treating it as a game.

Kathleen Savio
It has been reported that the jurors were attentive and seemed to be getting along well.  So well in fact, that they started coordinating their clothing. One day they all wore brown, another day - red. One day they even all wore sports jerseys.  What fun!

And while those lawyers were enjoying their press, and the judge was allowing the jury to amuse themselves, family and friends of Kathleen Savio sat quietly throughout the trial, as well as family and friends of Stacy Peterson.

Stacy Peterson
What happened to respecting the victims of crime, being sensitive to the grief of families who have lost loved ones?  When did a murder trial become the appropriate time for playing games and having fun?

Today Kathleen Savio's family finally got justice for her death.  They will never see Kathleen again, but at least they know that Drew will never again be a free man.

Stacy Peterson is still a missing person, her family does not have an answer to what happened to her much less justice for her disappearance.

It disturbs me to no end, that the memory of these two women did not automatically engender respect in that courtroom, and out.

Really.  WTF?  Why?



  1. I'm starting to think that there is no respect for anything any more. It worries me to think this is the direction that our world is going. So very sad.

    1. In pursuit of celebrating diversity and individualism and being totally PC - somehow it has turned into some kind of "anything goes" society. Crazy!