Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank God for GPS and muffler shops!

This has been one of those roller coaster weeks so far, things have looked GREAT and then NOT SO MUCH.  My job requires me to visit client offices which - 10 years ago I never would have done, being quite simply the most geographically challenged person I know.  Ah-h-h GPS.  The lady in my car who has changed my life.  But sometimes I think she messes with me.  She doesn't calculate the route right away and I inevitably try to guess which then necessitates a u-turn when she decides she knows where I should go.  I think she does this on purpose.  The other day she sent me up on the tollway for 5 minutes (would have been shorter but there was construction) and a toll, and then she had me take the next exit ramp to a regular street.  WTH?  That same day she sent me up onto the highway on a very loopy ramp, had me drive about 10 minutes and get off on another circular ramp and get right back on another loop to a different highway.  5 minutes later I was exiting again.  And circling.  And dizzy.  I swear I heard her giggle.

Cause I knew you wanted to see it.
Today after leaving a client's office I was trying to hear what the lady was telling me and I kept looking around because OMG somebody near me had a muffler so loud I couldn't hear myself think!  I couldn't tell which car it was and after stopping at a light, accelerating and decelerating I came to the conclusion .. it was me!  ALL OF A SUDDEN!  My car was fine 5 minutes before.  And all of a sudden it was louder than any muscle car with headers and dual exhaust.  UGH.  The lady has the ability to find service stations and the like, and when I asked nicely she found the closest muffler shop and showed me how to get there.  Loudly.  Of course when I got there I realized my phone was on low battery and I had no way to charge it.  Can you say - stuck in a muffler shop God knows where without a phone/internet panic???  Heh.

A grand later .. yes, it was more than just a muffler .. I was back on the road, this time on my way home.  Good day, bad day, good day, bad day .. right now I would settle for simply smoooooth.




  1. A grand, Yikes! Good thing you didn't need a Johnson rod too (Seinfeld reference). :)

    1. Maybe I DID need one, that's why it cost so much!

  2. I love your ability of putting me in the car with you, Its like i was there pushing the buttons and finding that muffler shop with you. I think your lady has a sense of humor.

  3. You should give her a name at the very least, after all she is doing you a just cause. Now on the other hand, our dash board Sally is very talkative, in fact I can't shut her up when I want her to. Funny thing on long road trips she sometimes has us crossing the ocean or a field where there isn't any roads. I think she is messing she is messing with me. We have a law her in PEI that you can't use a phone or GPS while driving. That said Sally seems to be navigating us to the shopping store only 10 minutes away and she has taking us on that route at the very least a thousand times. I think my husband likes her voice.

    Glad to hear you got your muffler fixed, wow lots of do ray me.
    Have a good weekend.