Friday, November 23, 2012

My family is just weird.

Sometime Thanksgiving morning, I received an email from one of my brothers.  One brother lives on the east coast and the other lives on the west so I wasn't seeing either of them for the holiday so an email wouldn't be unexpected.  But this one was.  After a short statement about a real estate issue he went on to say: would appear that I have had a heart attack. Cath tomorrow to access damage...will advise. 

Well, okay then!

After a flurry of emails on my part, I finally spoke to him today.  He's good, the heart attack was actually probably a few months ago, but some symptoms showed up that sent him to the ER yesterday.  He has had more tests and is working out a treatment plan with a cardiologist and his primary care physician.  Does not look like surgery will be indicated, which is good news.  He says he is listening to his doctors - I just hope he's better at taking care of himself than he is at informing people!

But then - that's my family!



  1. So glad he's going to follow doctors orders and take care. I think an email like that would give me a heart attack.

    Thanks for following and I am your newest follower. Hugs, Marty

  2. Unfortunately dry humor in my family goes farther than I'd like sometimes! And welcome!

  3. Wow! So casual! lol! i can lol knowing he is better than one would expect...but i can imagine your alarm when reading that....gave your heart a bit of a stress test? Hope he stays well from here

  4. My family is the same way. I usually get the comment...oh, I thot I told you that.

  5. It would have just killed me to have to contact him through email after that... sure glad everything turned out ok, months ago!