Monday, November 5, 2012

Unseen dangers and bad judgment.

My new job has hazards I never really gave any thought to before.  See this nice intersection here?  See that red light there?  Right after this photo was snapped, a green arrow appeared there, and a car pulled into that right lane and turned the corner on the arrow.

Unfortunately, by the time I followed that other car and zipped around that corner myself (quickly, I might add) the arrow had disappeared.  Ahem.  Quite clearly.  Heh.

A hundred bucks a pop for these kinds of tickets, not to mention endangering the general public.

DOH!  My bad.

**actually it looks like I've got the pictures out of order which means that arrow was even longer gone than I thought when I went through it.  YIKES!


  1. I like my women Fast!!

  2. Yikes! Be careful out there. It is a jungle.

  3. Crazy... here in Atlantic Canada, Transportation Canada seems to be playing jokes on us all. Every chance they get there is a round about put in. Do you know how often I've come to the round about and a driver has slowed down (stopped) to let you enter the round about. Most of the accidents that occur are from being too helpful, lol.