Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's not to be

I have been reading all the posts about the Blogher conference in Chicago last weekend. I live in the suburbs of Chicago bit still would not have even considered going, I am wa-a-a-y-y too new to blogging. I am still feeling my way around and getting to know people and finding other blogs I like to read. But it has been especially enjoyable to read the posts about this year's conference.

I have been delighted to read about all the girl crushes out there, one blogger for another, based on the relationships they share online and admiration for the skills of others. Or maybe they just want to steal someone else's life, I don't know. So much humor - my gosh I think I have laughed out loud at most of the posts - especially the near universal "privacy to poop" issues several ladies talked about. *giggle* Who designs a hotel with beautiful bathrooms with louvered doors and shutters that open into bedrooms!!?!? What kind of a bad idea was that?! Everybody knows guys wouldn't care, but women? Especially women who don't know each other very well but want to impress all their girl/blog/crushes? Puh-lease!

I will admit to some envy though, I really haven't had many close relationships with women for many years, which is a story unto itself. The friendships built online between some of these ladies sounds amazing and omg so much fun!

Alas, I guess it isn't meant to be for me though. I registered at Blogher. I did. But I can't get in to save my life. I have 18 different usernames and passwords at work alone, not to mention the 104 (approximately) I have here at home - I thought well - I forgot my username. Or maybe it's my password. Maybe it's both! Hey - I'm only an I.T. employee! I requested a new password. Twice. I got a link back - twice, which I think confirms that Blogher recognizes me as existing! Yay! But I still could not get in. :(

I typed a poor-me missive to the powers that be - or the powers that I think - be - but have not heard back. I'm thinking they are looking at it saying omg can you believe her? Should we let her back in? Should we put her through a hazing first - some kind of initiation like forcing her to blog about her most embarrassing moments - and then reading it out loud to all her co-workers??? *snort! guffaw!!* Or maybe poop in a bathroom with shutters open to a roomful of fellow bloggers? No, that would be punishment for them!

Okay ladies - I'm ready, give me my assignment. I am just warning you now though, that if you make me drink alcohol before I blog - I tend to be a real lightweight and have been known to drunk-email and *gasp!* NOT use spellcheck! For real! So give me your best shot! I'm waiting!!


  1. Hi! It's nice to meet you! like your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine..I'll be back again!
    p.s. to get into blogher you have to send in a video of yourself going number two!!!
    Ha! just kidding! goodluck!

  2. That video would be SO outlawed! lol! Thanks for coming by sheen'!

  3. Oh, you are so funny! I hope you finally do get in!

    SODH above is RIGHT...and you have to add scratch and sniff stickers and everything!!!

  4. day dreamer - gg-g-gghh-h-h!!

  5. I sit out a couple of days and this is what I get to come back to? I think anywhere that you have to make a video with scratch and sniff stickers to get into sounds too easy to get in! You should hold out for one that also have to share your most embarassing moment with in front of a room full of your peers and least hold out for that BetteJo!

  6. I know what you mean about all the passwords and user names. I have so many now and I just found out I am being forced to change my email address. I just got done changing it to the one I have now on several sites that I forgot about and now I have to do it all over again. It's getting ridiculous! Anyway, I hope you get into blogher soon!

  7. i agree, getting in and into the blogher site isn't always the easiest thing to do.
    but getting in to the blogher conference was easy (albeit expensive) and totally worth it.
    i met so many wonderful women (and a few dudes, too) last weekend. including a wonderful woman who started blogging in her seventies, as well as woman who'd just gotten her blog up the day before the conference started.
    i'm shy and reserved in real life, and aside from not pooping for 4 days, i was so surprised and so happy with my experience in chicago.

  8. I've been remiss - not replying to the comments - thanks to everyone for coming by - even the scratch and sniff (e-e-e-w-w!!) idea is appreciated!
    Too many passwords, not enough braincells after raising children!
    And Liz - the conference sounded really great, but I simply could not have gone 4 days!!!

  9. Bettejo - I am so sad that you didn't come to BlogHer, because it was so close to you! It was loads of fun, and I always find everyone to be open and friendly. If you are shy, you can always just begin conversations by saying "So, what is your blog about?" and you are off and running.

    This is how much I hated the bathrooms at the W - I pooped in the PUBLIC restroom downstairs rather than expose my poor roomie to my emissions. I figured I would rather be embarrassed in front of strangers than in the same room with someone I knew and liked. If I had been staying with a BF or relative, I would have done the same. I coulda strangled that designer guy (YES I KNOW IT WAS A GUY FROM THE DESIGN).

  10. No woman would have approved that design!

  11. i am not sure i can have the nerve to meet other bloggers. my blog is totally a different aspect of me in the sense that it is only one of the different ways i express myself. it's like if you were to try to figure out who i am by just listening to my mixes as dj evil twin or the part of my hair--it's impossible. i feel like i am whole inadequate compared to my online persona...

  12. no milk - the Internet - it's a huge equalizer, isn't it?