Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My apologies

For those who may have tried to access my blog yesterday and today, I am sorry. I'm sorry I am so obsessive, impatient, and foolhardy! I have been working on a new header, I wanted it to be something completely different. When it was finished, on my living room floor no less, I took 4 pictures of it and spliced them together with Paint, and uploaded it to photo bucket. Suffice it to say that in trying to remove the other header, I screwed things up.

Thank you thank you thank you to Stavanger from Blogcrowds who saved my blogging butt before when I had trouble getting a 3-column template, when I needed more room in my sidebars and lost a whole side in Internet Explorer, or was it Firefox? He has saved me or given me advice more than a few times now, and I will forever be grateful! This time - I could not even access my blog much less put a new header on it.

I hope you like the new header, the cats around here certainly do!

Jakie and her chubby self enjoying something new on the carpet to lay on. Luckily I had removed the loose beads by this time.

Abby helped me remove the loose beads I had laying on the header. Nice Abby. She's always so helpful like that.
Oh, and in keeping with my tell-all TMI personality, I had my second "special views" mammogram yesterday and waited while the radiologist read the x-ray. The lovely tech who fondled me so gently this time as well as last, came out and told me the doctor said he would like me to come back for an ultrasound. I think tears must have sprung from nowhere, or I lost all color or some other sign of shock because this nice lady was suddenly concerned, almost alarmed, asking if I was okay. "Yes, I'm fine. I have a headache and I have to go to the bank and then get my emissions checked..." What???? I guess I was shocked. But she said "The radiologist knows abnormal when he sees it, and this isn't it. Still - he needs a better view because it is something that wasn't there before." So, now another test. And I wait.


  1. Gorgeous header! Worth the effort and the wait, right?

    And kitties *do* love to install themselves on special artwork...

  2. I'd say it was worth all the trouble :)

  3. I love the header, it is gorgeous and the cats too. Hang in there on the tests, I'm sure it will be a huge relief for you to get it done and for them to tell you that it's all OK. I will be sending healing thoughts your way.

  4. reminds me so much of my cats parking themselves where they shouldnt .
    Good luck with your results . Its horrible waiting . I hope you're ok ...

  5. Your new header is very unique! I love it!

  6. Business first - Im sending you lots of best wishes that whatever the something is, its something quick and easy to care for or dismiss! (Doesnt waiting for test results stink?!?!?!)
    Fun second: this header is amazing, nobody nowhere is going to have one like it! I love it, its like a curio cabinent of goodies you could spend hours looking into and discovering neato stuff - Good onya!!