Wednesday, August 22, 2007

S'cuse me?

Don't ya love my new header??? I made it myself and I am SO excited and proud!! Please comment, let me know what you think!!!
This is where you lie to make me feel good. Actually that is not the image I want at the top of my blog, but I am going to leave it there for a day or three until I am able to get some help with it. So, no need to lie, let's just say my header is under construction and I appreciate your patience. :) And your silence. *snort*


  1. I like it,very bright and colourful...would love one myself but am so useless at this sort of thing lol...

  2. Just a visitor with a comment -- love the photo, but the TEXT needs to be much, much darker. One cannot read the header.
    Good luck! Poke around my blog if you get the notion...

  3. You guys... !! I'm serious, it's only temporary. The test is supposed to be beneath the header and .. I just don't know how to fix it so I am asking somebody for help. Really.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. A random person with a comment here, I love the header... very refreshing.

  5. I think it's darling, Darlin'!