Sunday, August 19, 2007

She didn't see me wave

At what point exactly, did she grow up? She's been doing it in fits and starts for the last few years I suppose, one day being independent and doing everything on her own, the next looking to Mommy for approval and encouragement and hugs.

She loaded up her car this morning and left for college. She did this last year, although last year her brother and I went with her. This year she loaded up her car and set out on her own. She has left my house a mess, with discarded pieces of clothing and items she decided at the last moment not to take scattered everywhere. There is not a room in the house that has not felt her leaving, with something out of place or obviously left behind.

I stood at the door and watched through the screen as she pulled down the driveway, out into the street, and drove away. Before she got into her car I asked her to be careful, kissed her, said I love you. She hugged me and kissed me back, rolling her eyes as she promised not to drive too fast in the rain. Okay Mom, I won't. Uh huh, sure. I waved as she pulled away but she didn't see me, she was already on her way.

I'm looking around at all the stuff left on the furniture, floor, and tables. I will need to clean up behind her as I have been doing since she was born it seems. Yes, she left my home a mess today when she left. She also left it empty. Bye bye Honey, be careful.


  1. Your daughter and I are the same age, and definitely have the same moving style:) I always leave a mess behind me...

  2. Im betting that pic is of your daughter, what a winning smile! And gorgeous beads!
    Im visting all the blogs in the TopBlogMag blogroll today, which is how I found you! I enjoyed my visit very much, even tho the end of this post tugged at my heart and I ached a for you. You big meanie! (LOL!)
    Be good to yourself till next time!

  3. It's so hard to see them go and yet that is what we want them to do. I am still missing my son, it feels like there is a hole in my heart but I know this is the best thing for him. Life will never be the same from here on out, my little boy is all grown up and now he is off to a new adventure.
    I feel for you and can relate 100%.

  4. Well, the least she could've done was clean up her mess... :)

  5. Oh, hon... it's so hard, isn't it? And mine is only 4!!!

    I feel your pain :(

    Hang in there... she'll need cash soon enough!!!

    Take care :)

  6. Robin Marie - she is a wonderful girl - but she CAN be a slob. Oh well, can't have it all I guess!

  7. lavender - welcome! yes that is my girl, couldn't be more proud!

  8. palette48 - I know you can relate, but this is your first time so I understand where you are too. We just have to tell ourselves this is what we raised them to do, leave!

  9. the lone beader - you're telling me!!!

  10. useless rambler - there is no easy time to let them go, is there?