Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cake for everybody!

Today is my one year blogiversary and I almost missed it. I am amazed that it has been a year already and I have "met" so many great people doing this.

A year ago I picked my way through the interwebs saying to myself - well - let's see what this blogging thing is all about. I had never seen a blog, read a blog, much less considered doing one myself. And then once I started - I didn't really think anyone would actually read it! It didn't take long to get into the swing of things and learn to love doing it.

Thanks to everybody who comes by and reads and thanks to everyone who comes by and comments too! Woo hoo! Everybody eat cake!


  1. Your great at it!! Happy
    blogiversary!!! (cool word).

  2. Mmmm, cake.

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  3. Hmmmmmmm.cake, yummy cake.....hmmmmm, yum yum. A very happy blogiversary to you! Its GREAT to get to know you!


  4. Happy Blogiversary! And the cake - yummy!

    Good luck for the next year(s)!!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!!! You have brought all of us regular readers much.... My own cyber place wouldn't be the same without you! I love coming peeking at your jewelery...and your life!


  6. Oh happy day .... youve made me wonder when mine is now , think mine might be about four days time ... imagine that , I thought you had bene blogging for ever when I first " met " you . Amazing isnt it , all this ?
    Are you doing anything to celebrate ? Apart from the cake I mean ? I hope there s a real slice in there somewhere ...


  7. Ohhh yummy cake although I am a day late :) Happy blogiversary Bette Jo

  8. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I've really enjoyed poking in here :)

    Celebrate!!! And save us some cake, m'kay?

  9. mmmm cake. Guess we both hit milestones recently!

  10. Congrats on your blog anniversary! I didn't know you've been blogging only a year. And what a year it has been! Way to go, BetteJo!

  11. Thanks everyone - if there were real cake I'd save ya'll a piece! :)