Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Hey - guy who was in the silver SUV in front of me; why was your foot on the brake for 2 miles when you were driving faster than I was?!?

Mr. taxi-driver; why was it okay to hold up 2 lanes of left turn traffic and one lane of through traffic because YOU GOT IN THE WRONG LANE????

And lady in the little red car in front of me, in front of ALL of us; that wasn’t a very long green arrow and that was a long line behind you. Don’t you think you could have actually GONE when the light turned green?!?!

I haven’t actually had a bad day or anything, but every single day – usually on my way home from work – there is someone who drives like a moron and of course we all know it is never me! I’d like to have some kind of transmitter that allows me to come through the car radios of some of these people just so I can give them a small piece of my mind. I mean, I can’t spare much.

Like – hey – would it hurt you to raise your hand in the universal gesture of thanks (not the other universal hand gesture) when I let you in ahead of me because you were in too much of a hurry to get in the correct lane in time for your turn???

There is no courtesy in driving anymore. It’s all me, me, me. Me first, my spot, my lane and my speed.

Oh and you there in that pretty black Infinity? Yeah, I’m talking to you. I’m terribly sorry traffic was not moving fast enough for you and I could not find a way to go any faster than I was seeing as there were cars in front of me and to the side of me. And I apologize if I slowed WAY-Y-Y down sort of quickly for no apparent reason (to you) causing you to suddenly have to apply your brakes. Yeah, it wasn’t on purpose or anything because I enjoy a stranger being close enough (read: crawling up my butt) to see if they've got enlarged pores by looking in my rear view mirror!!!! Heh.

I haven’t posted a pretty picture for a while – so after whining at my fellow travelers, I think I’ll end on a nicer note. Enjoy!


  1. that picture looks a lot like my hometown in socal! with the ruby's on the pier and everything!

  2. Gorgeous pic and I laughed at your rant at other drivers - its the same here in the UK somedays you feel like all the other cars are out to get you!!

  3. I'm afraid I/m "one of those"...I get my fair shares of glares..

  4. I have a confession Im not a brilliant driver either ... but I try , and I always say thanks to people who let me in ... and I try to say sorry for my mistakes ....

  5. I get frustrated with other drivers too and I didn't realize how much until I started to keep track of it. It definitely was adding to my stress so now I try to send those drivers "peaceful thoughts" as I sit there gritting my teeth.

  6. I used to drive a very small car but got pushed around so now have a 4 x 4, its amazing how other drivers atitudes change at the size of your vehicle...

    Your rant had me smiling and laughing!


  7. It's a worldwide problem, drivers nowhere seem to have any patience..

  8. I hear you. Especially about the wave thing. C'mon, if I let you in front of me, would it kill you to nod at me?

  9. Lara - Ruby's? I didn't take the picture so it might BE the pier you're talking about!

    Jo - the sad thing is I could come up with at least 4 other complaints every single day.

    Paw - you're one of 'those'? Which those? You hold up traffic, don't wave - or what? Maybe you should do a post from your side of the dashboard!!!

    Shelagh - No? Not a brilliant driver? Oh I love that description! :)

    Pal48 - luckily I travel only a little bit more than 6 miles - to - and 6 miles from - work. It's not a long enough trip to get me seriously worked up. Usually.

    JCraft - I have a baby SUV, maybe that's what I need - a bigger car! Still - that wouldn't have stopped the moron taxi driver who couldn't fix his mistake by driving forward and turning at the NEXT street. Some will always be rude. Sigh-h-h.

    LadyB - It's a horrible thing - I feel really bad for people who have a long commute - especially bumper to bumper traffic. No fun!

    Stimey - Doesn't that make you want to never let anybody in??? It's a wonder we still do it.

  10. johnny (grammar) lawMarch 21, 2008 at 10:17 PM

    Hey miss...
    I'm sorry to pull you over like this, but your gratuitous application of incorrectly used semi-colons is gonna cost ya...

  11. It's gonna cost me? What about the fragments I write in? Or all the exclamation marks I use? I Know I'm guilty of that!

  12. Shite...hope the grammar police never visit me...I'm full of fragment and over use of semi-colons, colons, comma's, coffee on the monitor....

    I have put on the brakes for more than one or two lovely ladies and germs in the morning on the way to work. If there's no where for me to go....there's no where for me to go!!! On the plus side, the jerk who rode my butt and tried to tell me where to go the other day was pulled OVER this morning by one of Tulsa's finest!! LOVE IT!