Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's play!

OH what a case of blogger’s guilt I have! Apparently I can only obsess about one thing at a time and this week and last it’s been Weight Watcher’s points and counting them. But I have been tagged a few times and I really need to catch up.

I was actually tagged first by Lady Banana, and then by Jewellery Craft with the same linky tag, “Links around the world.” It’s about helping people build the readership on their blogs and getting a boost on your own at the same time! Pretty cool if you ask me. I am combining Lady Banana’s and Jewellery Craft’s links, and adding mine at the end.

The instructions:

1. Place your link at the end of the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!

2. After placing your blog’s address, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that are not yet on the list, this is to keep the ball rolling. (Please remember to let the bloggers know they've been tagged!)

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Now I need to tag 5 more people to keep the list of links going. I am going to tag:

Watercolor Works and More

A Spiritual Dog Blog

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The next tag I got was for a “7 weird things” meme. I was tagged by a lady whose blog I just found recently, her name is Sue Zipkin at Blogging with Dyslexia. I stumbled across her blog and was pleased as punch (yes I said that) because she designed the dinnerware I use and I was thrilled to be able to tell her how much I love it!

I must admit I have done a 7 weird things meme before, and with my link to 100 things about me up at the top, this one is tough for me. But – here goes!

1) I produced 2 children who had an extra tooth growing in the roof of their mouths. It is called a mesiodens and we theorize it had something to do with the copious amounts of premium ice cream I ate while pregnant.

2) After my parents divorced I was basically a latchkey kid – except I never had a key to the house. We never locked it. Ever.

3) I have 2 African water frogs that will not die. Supposedly they belong to my kids but since I feed them and clean the filter and their tank, I have earned the right to call them mine. They are over 10 years old now and I swear they will still be here when I am gone.

4) I hate grocery shopping to the point that I’m almost phobic. Hence my recent $356.00 trip to the store. I don’t go very often.

5) I have wide feet with impossibly short toes. My first boyfriend always told me they were cute, so I have always liked them. (except for the fact that I can’t buy shoes for them!!)

6) My 2 favorite pieces of furniture in my living room were garbage picked. Not by me, but none the less.

7) I’ve mentioned before that I go to sleep to forensic shows on TV every night. But what I didn’t say is that my daughter thinks it’s totally disturbing and loves to tell her friends; “my Mom sleeps to murder!” Uh, that’s not exactly it, but when she puts it like that is sure sounds weird!

I hope those weren’t too lame but I really had a hard time coming up with them! You wouldn’t think it would be that hard seeing as I’m not quite normal a lot of the time.

Now for the tagging!

Jewellery Craft

Lady Banana


Candid Yammering

Drew’s Brave New World

As usual, let the people know you have tagged them ~ and then they tag 5 people … and so it goes. Also – since I rarely follow the rules, I totally understand when other people ignore them too!


  1. Bless ya heart!!!! I shall have some fun with this one me thinks, I'm so ordinary I'm dead boring!

    Love the Icecream and the extra tooth thing....

    Oh, and I detest food shopping too!!!!


  2. Thanks for playing the game it was fun to learn some of the weird things about you, ( although to me they're
    not very weird) LOL.

    Do you ever get nightmares watching those forensic shows?

    Those water frog sound really cool actually !!

  3. Lets us all know how your doing with your new program....

  4. Thanks for tagging me.. I think I've done one like this before but I'll give it a go. I'm sure no one will remember if some of the things are the same anyway :)

  5. OOOPS
    That was me who posted under anonymous.
    Sorry about that!!.

  6. JCraft - Have fun with it - it's hard to think of things, at least for me it was. Good luck!

    Anon/Sue - I'm usually up for being weird. :)
    I've never had a nightmare from those shows. The narration is usually fairly monotone, that's probably one reason I find them easy to fall asleep to!

    Paw - So far so good. I am trying to remember that WW promotes healthy weight loss which means slow. But I have had some progress and I will post about it soon. :)

    LadyB - Yes, I've done it before so it makes it more of a challenge! Good luck!

  7. Bootiful Bettejo!

    I will put this meme to good use when I get back. Currently in St Joseph Mo, atm.

    Hugs YOU!


  8. Do you mean the documentary type forensic shows and not the CSI ones? The former I would stay awake for the latter, I would easily doze off on!

  9. Oh it's the real deal I watch. CSI and those shows are okay, but so unrealistic. I watch Forensic Files, American Justice, Cold Case Files, The First 48, MSBC Investigates, FBI Files - oh there are more. Any of the real ones.
    I'm not sure why it fascinates me so much but it does.