Thursday, March 27, 2008

I didn't see anything this pretty today

Because yeah, it snowed. Again. It was a rainy, snowy, and very gray day. Sigh-h-h.

Male Northern Cardinal seeking a little shelter from the snow. Puffed up bird with snowflakes on its head and chest is sheltered in a Hawthorne Tree near the Ryerson Forest Preserve in Riverwoods, IL.


  1. Me either. And it made me sad. It was dreary today.

    Hopefully we can find something worth looking at tomorrow.

  2. And we are having sun sun sun...its too hot this early....the summer is going to blaze and bake us this year.

    Keep warm!

  3. It's snowing here this morning and though I was dreading it, I think my coffee is going to taste a bit sweeter for the stillness outside.

  4. I'd love to look out and see something so beautiful and colourful!

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  6. Beautiful bird!!!

    Weather just as dull here in UK, grey, grey, grey. We kinda get used to it I think, sometimes we seem to get nothing else and summer didn't happen at all last year!

    I'm dreaming of sun and warmth! Actually, just be nice to dry washing outside!


  7. I cannot believe it is still snowing in some parts of the world. Here spring is so close I can almost taste it.

  8. We definitely have cardinals in this neck of the woods - it is our state bird. It was just a really gray day so something that bright would have really stood out!
    Next day - the sun came out and every bit of that snow melted. Still not getting out of the 40's tho.
    I can't wait for real spring!

  9. Aren't they just gorgeous? We have them, a few. I guess even if they are abundant, their beauty will always grab you. We just marvel and stare and then try to find the camera, only to locate it just as the bird is flying away!!


  10. Beautiful picture! I love the contrast.I can't believe we had a little bit of snow flurries this time of year. It is crazy. Meanwhile the robins are building their nests, the magpies are being usual obnoxious selves and spring is definitely in the air.

  11. Oh wow...that bird is bootimus!

    My mom loves Cardinals the most.

    It's prett dismal here. Not too cold, but rainy-ish. Yesterday it looked like it could rain all day. Today it did. I miss the sun....