Thursday, April 10, 2008

I want my May flowers, NOW!

It started raining last night. There was rain, thunder and lightning. Or, lightning and thunder if you want to go by the order you see and hear it. It rained all night. It rained all morning and all day. It is still raining. And look what we have to look forward to for the weekend! I am SO excited! NOT.

Snow. Can you believe it? I mean, I'm sure it won't be heavy, accumulating gobs of snow. But snow! I'm sorry, I know I'm being whiny and redundant. But it's the 2nd week in April, can't we be done with the snow already?

And to the guy filling up his car at the gas station on the corner yesterday evening just before it started to rain, yeah, that was me putting air in my tire. Yes, I had to go back into the car when I realized the cell phone in my hand was not my tire gauge and yet again when I re-discovered that I can't read my tire gauge without my glasses. I'm going to assume you were thinking what a wildly attractive woman I am - I mean - what other reason would you have for watching me so intently with THAT SMIRK ON YOUR FACE????

Yeah. Wildly attractive. I'm going with that.


  1. We have snow flurries forecast for Sunday too. But on Wednesday, the temperature shot up to about 15 degree C (59 deg F) and people were walking around in SHORTS! That's how desperate we are for warmer weather. We're not picky.

  2. If it makes you feel better, the weather here has been awful, too, but no snow (yet) thank goodness!!

    And yes, that man at the gas station was obviously smitten with you. He should be so lucky!

  3. Oh come know that guy was thinking 'bow chicka wow wow'!!! That is the only thing I would accept if I were you!

    Snow. Um...YUCK. On the hasn't rained ALL WEEK with HAIL the size of golf balls or anything...urgh.

    I love Oklahoma weather!!

  4. haha loved the picture .....hope he's reading the blog !

  5. Sounds much like the mixed up crazy weather we are getting here in UK!

  6. What ever happened to global warming?? It's not happening by me THIS year!

  7. We've got really freaky weather too! But then again, it's always like that in England! It gives us loads to talk about.

    Love the last picture and story!

  8. man, why do people always have to stare when you're doing something on your car? that's the worst. well, it's the worst for me, but that's mostly because i feel so inept. :-P

  9. ROFL, loving that picture, its a man thing ain't it...... it's coz they're further down the evolutionary scale than us, he could have got out and while beating his chest ask "want any help with that mam?"

    Weather. given up on the weather, I want sun NOW!