Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life of Riley

Must be tough being Riley ....

The only male out of 4 cats.

And he's fixed.

(April Fool's Day every day of the year.)


  1. Awww.. Riley resembles our Scotty. Btw, I wrote you some funny. Well, at least.. I think it's funny. I never know until at least one person tells me it is.

  2. Well, he can still hang with the guys...

    Only he is more of a consultant.

    Must be like going into a candy shop with no money! Poor baby!

    Love the colors in his tail!!

  3. The purrfect picture for this clever post! Thanks for today's chuckle.

  4. Yes, Riley certainly thinks he's the boss, and exerts his alpha male status to eat more food but that's about it.

    He sits at that window a lot, and if the curtains are closed he nudges his head between them and becomes the quintessential - wait - this is good - -

    - PEEPING TOM!!! Lol! I crack me up!

    As soon as I saw this picture it made me think "aw - poor lonely guy". It just says it. I don't think he's unhappy though, and all the cats take turns sitting there. It's prime cat real estate in our house. :)