Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's all I've ever wanted!

So yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from my daughter who informed me she was on her way home from school “to clean the house!!”


She was coming home to clean the house as a birthday gift to me, being the starving college student and all that. I have been asking for this gift since I don’t know – forever maybe??? Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas – kids – don’t spend money on me – just clean the house. I’ll love it!

And now it’s finally happening. Sigh-h-h.

Life is good.


  1. Half the fun will be watching her do it.

    Again...I'm jealous.

    I love the picture of Riley...anything animal and I'm a sucker for it.

    I'm gonna get a picture of Pinky doing the same thing, he's the one here who manages the window. Too funny.

  2. What a thoughtful thing to do. How many years do I have to wait for this? My kids dropped cracker crumbs all over the floor I'd just vacuumed before I even finished vacuuming the other rooms.

  3. Sounds like the perfect gift to me! I've boys, their idea of cleaning is to shove as much under anything with a gap as they can.........AND they make toast in the morning, its like every knife, plate, cup, glass is used, I guess I love it!


  4. Just wanted to say Bettejo have a wonderful birthday tomorrow . You feel like a very old friend ( you know what I mean , and its not that you're old ! ) an d its always great to see your name pop up in my commenst list . By coincidence Im also taking this as a long weekend and will be off work on your birthday so will think of you at some point during the day , and hope you have a good one . Enjoy your lovely clean house . What a great idea!

  5. WOW! I don't recall that ever happening to me! That's wonderful :)

    Have a great Birthday tomorrow ♥

  6. Love it! I hope she did a good job.

    Your blog design is beautiful.

  7. I'm with Stimey! Have your daughter put a bug in my kids' ears in about 10 years, m'kay??

    What a wonderful gift from a wonderful daughter! Ya done good :)

    Happy Birthday, BetteJo! Enjoy your much deserved time off!!!!

  8. What a great gift! Have a wonderful birthday!

  9. Now why didn't I think of that before? Great tip for a birthday gift from the kids. Some gifts are best savoured after a loooong wait!

  10. Let's see. I've been asking for this every birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas - for as long as my kids would have been old enough to do it! :) It IS a wonderful gift and my daughter is a very good cleaner - I'm thrilled!

  11. Mapquest has a REAL good map of my house and my birthday is in November!!