Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's an interesting question.


  1. I would be 20 years old !! My Mom God love her , use to say ,its not the age its the attitude, think young and you will be.She was 86 going on 18.

  2. Maybe 26, or early 30's

    Although the way I've been feeling this weekend about 87 lol

  3. I suppose I'd like to go back to an age when I was less aware of death. These girls...tell me it gets easier, that you worry less about leaving them, of missing anything. Please?

  4. I think it DOES get easier to a certain extent when you see your children as adults and you know that if you leave them then - they will have really known you and will remember you and will go forward and live their lives the way you had hoped.
    Now when the grandbabies come .. it might start all over again, I don't know!