Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last day, I promise!

This is the last gratuitous shot of my arm, parts of it are well on their way to yellow now, so that won't be any fun. But did I mention my other arm is bruised too? Not anywhere near the scale of the right arm, but still. I'm not a bleeder people. Really. I've had more than my share of needle sticks and this time just turned out to be completely heinous.

It's been a wonderful day though. Ahem. I got my labwork back today. Let's see. My triglycerides are high, my glucose is high, my sed rate and my TSH are high as well. Oh let's not forget the alkaline phosphatase! Anything low? Nah, why would I go that direction when I can go higher and higher?! So I get to go to the doctor tomorrow and he can tell me I need to eat better and get off my butt and DO something. Yay me.

There were other lovely things that happened today that seem
ed to involve the slaughtering of small animals but really just involved my not being quite menopausal yet - and that's about as graphic as I'll get here.

What the hell?

Came home from work and went into the fridge to get something to drink and was greeted by this.


I am used to my son stocking up on this.

And there is usually some of this in there.

But this? Seriously?

I mean really, why is this necessary? For anything?


  1. Your bruises could almost be called jewelry from phlebotomy hell! LOL!

    Caffeine in root beer? Wonders never cease.

  2. I was thinking that all that roof climbing to empty canoes and such wouldve counted as great cardiac exercise - rememebr that when the dr suggests doing something ;)

    Hope all turns out ok!!

  3. I kind of want to try it.

    Geek Beer! Yay!

    I love root beer but it's lack of caffeine has always been it's downfall.

  4. Am I the only one who finds the name a bit offensive?

  5. Hope you will be OK. Never heard of the root beer before but interesting choice of names!