Monday, August 18, 2008

Some days end better than they start.

It's been a day. Went this morning to get my blood drawn seeing as my doctor gave me the order in late April and my next appointment is Thursday - I thought it was time to carry out that instruction.

This nice gal stuck the needle in so deftly I didn't even feel it go in and I thought - jackpot (!!!) I need to get her name and ask for her next time! Then she took it out and said "Y'know I'm really
not comfortable with this amount of blood, it was coming out SO slowly though. Would you mind if I got some more from the other arm?"

"Oh." Guess I'll get her name for a different reason. As the day wore on that first needle stick got prettier and prettier, can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow!

Dani left for school yesterday and came back today for a second load of stuff. She's feeling a little bit weepy-ish about the idea that she's moving out to a house - it's different than just going into a dorm. This is much more like adult living and it's that much more scary.

For her too. *sniff. sniff.*

Somehow I just feel too old right now to be sitting here with cramps like a 14 year old, drinking orange pop and watching TV.

Still, the day's not a total loss. I'm not just a creepy old lady scratching at random and not caring who sees me reaching into my bra to relieve an itch. I just found part of a cheddar sunchip in my cleavage.

Sometimes that's almost as good as finding a twenty in the pocket of your jeans!


  1. Your arm sure is purdy it will be even better tomorrow!! Been there done that many times too!
    Have a good week.

  2. Hey! I got blood drawn yesterday too! Your stick looks much much worse than mine....but my lady was a total bitch, which makes her sticking ability null and void. Niceness counts...especially when yeilding a needle.Lol
    Aww poor daughter, growing up is hard to do,and I hope you feel better soon...

  3. Sometimes I wish mine was going back to school. Isn't that awful?

  4. Having done that blood sampling job myself before, I'd agree she didn't know what she was doing as she poked more than one hole in your vein! That internal bleeding was why she wasn't filling up the blood tube faster and what gave you a colourful arm! Sheesh.

  5. That has left you with a nasty bruise.

    I have also been a blood taker (phlebotomist) and I hope I didn't do that to anyone!

  6. That bruise looks nasty . HOpe your daughter is ok , and you too ...

  7. Aw shucks, we're all okay. Although Diane of crafty passions was right - my arm is even prettier today - I will post an update.
    My daughter is fine, I called her today and interrupted her cleaning a toilet. How often do ya see that kind of thing at home??

  8. Oh and Mahala - I love my daughter to death and I miss her terribly when she's not here - but there is something to be said for coming home from work and finding things just as you left them in the morning!