Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Envy is a ba-a-a-d thing.

I got a new phone. A new cell phone. Or maybe I don't have to be that specific anymore. When you say you got a new phone these days I guess people assume that's what you're talking about.

My first cell phone was bolted to the console of the car with a huge
battery in the trunk. It wasn't something you carried around and it was something you used only for business (my ex-husband) or for emergencies (me). It had a cord.

But I digress. Why did I get a new phone? Well, no good reason really. My daughter got a new phone. She was having fun setting up all the new cool things in it. So I guess I was having a little phone envy. She had a little itty bitty memory card, could send pictures in messages and play music like a Walkman.

So I got a new phone. It's cool. It has an itty bitty memory card, I can send pictures in messages and mine has a Walkman feature too.

Um ... why did I do this? All I really need is a phone I can call out on, receive calls in on, and maybe send a text or 2. That's about it. I suppose when I figure out how to use all the cool stuff in this phone I will like it just fine. But right now? I'm just confused.


  1. The Amazon got a new super uber phone just yesterday. I feel your phone envy. I won't be replacing mine until verizon sends me some insanely tricked out free offer.

  2. Envy is allowed when it comes to your children's belongings. It is the first rule which says that children should NEVER have better phones than their parents. I am so glad you abided by this rule.....I did the same but tis getting tougher everyday to compete....

  3. Ok I have envy I admit it!!
    I will get a new one is November when my contract is over...... maybe then you will have envy?? LOL!!

  4. My kids do have better phones than me. They have replaced theirs at least twice. I am still on my original phone so it's looking like a dinosaur. Maybe in my next life...

  5. Never mind the kids! My elderly mother is a whizz with SMS on her cell phone. When she texts me some mundane question, it's a subtle reminder to call home!

  6. I remember those old car phones! Jeez, now I feel old... :-)

  7. Mahala - it was free - time for my upgrade!

    Lilly - I like your rules!!

    Diane - if your new phone just allows you to make and answer calls I will be very jealous. :)

    P48 - I admit I am distracted by new and shiny things.

    Pearl - my Mom does email - and she can TALK on the cell. Sounds like your Mom has a lot of us beat!

    fraulein - I know, right? I tried not to say it but yeah, made me feel old too!

  8. I tend to get a new upgrade phone and give it to my brother. FUnny how attached I am to my flip phone even if it is 8 years old now. Mind you she is getting a bit ratty now and I may have to bite the bullet and retire her - yes she is just a pphone and I hardly use her - but she has been a part of me for a long time!!

  9. I never have enough time to learn all the new gadgets before I drop it into the dishwater or dive into the pool with it tucked into the strap of my suit!

  10. the funny thing is...
    my motive for getting a new phone was ALSO phone envy...
    dan's phone could send and receive picture messages and play music and do all sorts of mesmerizing tricks.

    apparently the phone companies have truly perfected the jump-on-the-bandwagon approach.

    guh. i feel like such a tool now.

  11. Hev - I like that your phone is a 'she'! :)

    Meg - welcome back! I lost my last phone in the yard and found it after it rained for 2 days - and after it dried out it was fine. My daughter dropped hers in the toilet. Water is a bad thing when it comes to gadgets.

    Dani- sorry I made you think about being manipulated by the marketing experts out there. At least you know you certainly aren't the only one!