Monday, September 22, 2008

My line in the sand.

Took the crabby old man cat to the vet tonight, getting his thyroid meds increased because he's lost more weight and still thinks I'm starving him to death. They took blood and then took him in the back for some mat removal, yikes, poor guy.

Interesting stuff to write about, I know, right? Cause that's my life. And - because I'm not going to write about politics. I may want to, I may have strong opinions, but I will keep my thoughts to myself except when commenting on some of the political blogs I read. That's my outlet. And that's my choice.

But I want to say something. There are those of you whose blogs I read who have very different political ideals than I do. But I like you. And I like your blog. I just won't engage in the discussion so if I opt out, or I just don't comment, I am respecting your opinion and moving on, hoping for a non-political post next time I visit.

I like your blogs for what they normally are. I understand this is an election year and it's a huge topic and on everyone's minds here in the U.S. Believe me it's on my mind too. But if your blog is not usually about politics and you are getting more political lately - please understand I am not avoiding you, just the discussion.

There was a blog I read early on when I first starting searching and looking for interesting sites to read. I enjoyed the blog, it was kind of popular, and I started to comment regularly. Until the author said one thing. One thing and I deleted her from my reader and never went back. So if I avoid some of your political discussions it is because I want to keep reading you - regardless of whether we agree politically or not.

What was the one thing she said? The one thing she wrote that turned me off to the degree that I never went back? She said "I am so ashamed to be an American."

I can read political opinions and understand different sides of an issue, but when someone is born in this country which has more freedoms and incredible opportunities than any other place in the world and does not appreciate it? Not for me.

Everybody has to draw the line somewhere.


  1. Good for you!
    I hate to bring up politics and religion,and I dont like to see it on blogs either, it makes for hurt feelings and anger.
    I feel these blogs are for the spirit of friendship .
    These are trying times for everyone in general,we are having elections here in Canada too.
    I have never blocked anyone I hope I never have to.

  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I agree - with blogs - it's like arguing with friends and I just don't want to do it. Thanks Diane. This has me just plain weary.

  3. We can definitely agree to disagree. I've had enough of people ramming their ideas down my throat, I certainly don't want to do it to others. (Unless it's my husband, but that's a whole other story.)

    It's getting a little ugly out there politically. I agree that we should try to keep it civil.

    Much respect to you, BetteJo.

  4. The only politics I might touch on in my blog is usually centuries old - like the French Revolution! So it's safe to visit, Bette Jo!

    I once read some pretty good advice - in conversation, avoid religion and politics.

  5. good for you- draw that line!(wink) And it's YOUR blog and altho your views on politics or whatever may not be what others' views are there is no reason for you to not write about what you want to write about. I'll still be lurking around. Lately I am so sick of the political discussions I could gag, but everyone is allowed to have thier opinions.

  6. I agree. The fact that we live in a country where we can blog what we think and we can read or not read what we want is a great freedom that should not ever be taken for granted.

  7. Being a Brit I find all the political posts a bit dull and uninteresting.. so I'm happy to hear I wont be finding it here!

  8. Good I'm glad I won't find political opinions around here. I get enough of that at work.

    I also had to say that your post about the taxi driver! Yuck!! Doesn't he know people have to walk through that. I've got kids that walk close to the ground!

    Thanks for your post on my blog. I'm glad you found something to buy from my blog! You're just lucky I didn't snatch it up first!

  9. Helllllo....we're back....and your blog is right on...its a terrible time right now, an people are sensitive, and things are weird! I know first hand.

    Try to give Riley some of those will cut his need for the Thyroid meds down in half. I know its tough but it pays off.

    Thanks for checking in on me...I thought of blogging every day...that was really sweet of you.

    I have my head above water...barley, and taking it day by day.

    Thanks agian BJ

  10. Thank you everyone, I appreciate your thoughts. Everyone gets to blog about whatever they want. And I can also choose not to participate in some of the discussions which I think is best. For me, anyway. :)

  11. I dont like where things can get nasty... I mean I cant see a point in starting an argument - I am sure if someone wants a political argument there must be a site somewhere in Internet land.

    I dont even live in USA and I must admit because your processes take so long it gets kind of irritating.

    SAy what you must, believe what you must.... just I dont need it rammed down my throat. Yes by reading someone elses blog it isnt ramming it down my throat and I am one of the biggest "Everyone is entitled to an opinion" I just think half of this is just causing agro and I dont want to be patr of it.

    I hope however these elections turn out that the world can turn around and become a better place for the future generations - isnt that what life is all about!!!

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