Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a cat-asrophe! As Usual.

So, I was sleeping, right? The TV was still on so it had to be within 2 hours of going funny-pictures-cat-is-asking-for-help-so-why-are-you-taking-photosto bed. I heard a noise and knew right away it involved a cat and blinds. Even in my sleep. Somehow I can tell if a strange noise is related to a cat or a person or perhaps the weather. I’m a good sound interpreter when I am sleeping.

Okay, I heard a noise so I lifted my head, opened my eyes, and looked toward the window. Yep. Cat. Abby, the evil cat who bites, great, I get to get injured in the middle of the night. She was sitting on the window sill between the blinds and the window, but her head was completely through the blinds – looking into the room. And she looked like she was a bit stuck and about to have a hissy fit to remove herself. Arg-h-h. All I need to do is help her pull her head back to the other side of the blinds and I can go back to sleep. That was my thought.


I crawled over and grabbed the blinds with one hand and pulled them towards me while pushing Abby’s open mouthed head toward the window. Good, her head went back through, she wasn’t stuck, I could go back to sleep. Except that wasn’t the case.

Abby turned to get out from between the blinds and the window and as she jumped toward the floor I saw she was tangled in the cord from the blinds. I managed to catch her mid-jump (without getting bit) but not before she had reached the end of the cord and was hanging with the cord wrapped around her middle and somehow around her tail as well. And as she realized that her paws were not touching the floor I had a wild thought having to do with leaving her there for interrupting my sleep but – I thought better of it and helped her escape.


As I dropped off to sleep I remember thinking about the cats and how if one of them isn’t yelling at me for food, another one is climbing into my lap or yet another one is demanding water from the bathroom faucet. I cannot walk without tripping over or being followed by one and omg the HAIR!!! They take turns sleeping with me and they wait for me to come home from work every day. For the most part – I enjoy them. But I could enjoy TWO just as much (and probably more) than FOUR!!!

Never again.


  1. Oh, my, cats can be such fun. We had one chasing a bird that some how got in the house - in my dining room quite awhile ago now.

    But the worst happened to my son's half sister-in-law. Her cat decided to bite her and when she jumped up on the counter shelf, she fell off and broke her ankle when the cat jumped up to bite her again.
    It goes on... she had to drop out of college because she can't drive. She is living with my son and his family because she has no income and had to rent out her condo to pay the mortgage.
    Now she can't get Medicare (she doesn't have insurance) to pay for the operation she needs to fix her ankle because: "she has income" from the rent which goes to pay her mortgage. My son says plenty of people come to visit and stay for dinner.
    Oh, yes, her Dad took the cat to the SPCA.


  2. I know where you are coming from BetteJo, Ive recently decided that TWO is too many!!! Why do they have to hate each other, why?
    But mostly its the 530am furball thing, why only at 530am on the night after Ive cleaned the floors and all the rugs....why? WHY???

  3. When our kids were little, we were so delighted they were sleeping through the night that we got two cats. Nocturnal animals. Duh.

  4. As much as w ecurse the hair (2 large malting dogs here !) We would miss them if they arent there!

    ps you asked what chuffed meant in my post?? CHUFFED IS REALLY HAPPY!!

  5. Bev - what on earth?? That cat sounds like it was a menace!

    Lavender - yeah, hairball coughing, wonderful wheezing, yuck!

    Pearl - Nocturnal animals - LOL!

    Heather - I suppose I would miss them, I will wait until they "leave" naturally, but I will never have 4 at once again.
    And I'm glad you explained 'chuffed' cause I was thinking it meant annoyed or something. Then I was wondering why you were unhappy with how your card turned out ... :)
    Isn't it funny - we both speak English but sometimes there is still a language barrier!

  6. I have two cats and they are no easier. One "combs" my hair in order to get me up in the morning and the other doesn't want to play with the other, just backs into a corner and hisses, growls and spits until I rescue her. But, I couldn't get rid of them and miss them when I go on vacation.

  7. Well, you've heard about Chairman Meow. She's a real handful, that one.

    Your cat sounds a lot like my first cat, mean and bitey, but sometimes she just needs some love.

    Chairman Meow is a couple years old, but she still gets the midnight crazies, which would be fine if they were at midnight, because we're all usually still awake, but NO. She gets the 4-5:30AM crazies, and tears up and down the hallway howling. Her meow sounds exactly like "Hellooooo?"

  8. I'd love to have more than 1 cat but I know it might turn out to be mayhem.. But not sure about 4.. hehehe

  9. 2 is good. That way they keep each other company if you're a working family, but there are so many as to be too demanding when you ARE home.