Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maxine - uh - NOT - ?

So yeah, I'm that smart. Spent a while searching my new computer see where I put my Maxine folders. Finally found them, picked a Maxine out and went to post it. Before I scheduled it for early in the morning tomorrow I decided against the one I had chosen and deleted it. Back to the folders again. Hmm-m. Which one, which one. Did a short Internet search for new Maxines. Yeah.

Not the brightest bulb, am I? Tomorrow happens to be Friday, not Monday. But for a good half hour or more - I thought it was Monday. Momentary lapses are one thing, but this time I just felt stooooopid!


  1. Oh BetteJo, Ive been there and done that - nice to know its not just me!
    Hang in there, the year can only get better!

  2. Wait till your retired, it gets worst!!! LOL!!!!

  3. LOL! I am quite forgetful too but one thing is sure, there is NO way I could mistake a Friday for a Monday! I'm not looking forward to Monday. Sigh.

  4. Good to know, that it's not only me. Mostly I get confused about if it's a work day or not. Or I loose track of the days when on vacation.
    I just came over from Lady Roots and browsed your blog a bit. Beautiful jewelry and cats! Fine! I make jewelry, too, and own two cats myself. I think I'll come back to read more. :-)