Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My house

Br-r-r ... I've been saying that a lot lately, haven't I? I took these pics before leaving for work this morning.


A better view -


On the other hand, when I left work to come home tonight - it wasn't dark! So I guess we're crossing to the other side. (pleasepleasepleaseplease)


  1. Me too! It has snowed 5-10 inches the last two Sundays. we haave breakfast at the church we go to so we are there at 8:15 and leave around 12. During that time this last Sunday, it had snowed over 8 inches. A parking lot full of cars being de-snowed. Biggest problem is the ice underneath. Lots of broken hips.

  2. It stayed light until 5:30 yesterday! 5:30! Wheee!

  3. Wow! Fantastic icicles!!!

    Still dark when I left work, I long for more daylight!

  4. It looks cold - but how awesome it is to see that!!! How very pretty!!