Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off to get the laundry out of the dryer.

No, I didn't forget to put the stockings away, I just miss Christmas and all the decorations already. But yes, these have been boxed up and put away for next year.


And here, on my cluttered kitchen counter, with fun-fetti forced into the frozen frosting on top and smoking candles - is the cake. THE cake. Isn't it sad? It's the first time one of my kids did not have their name on their cake (it was melting) and the first time one of my birthday cakes has ever looked even close to inedible. It's also the first time I did not put all the candles on one of their birthday cakes as well, but the time element and closeness of fire (warmth) seemed prohibitive. While I learned a lot about what NOT to do if I attempt an ice cream cake again, and it looked downright nasty, it tasted fabulous! Chocolate cake with Fannie May mint melt-away ice cream. Mmm-m-m...


This is what I have been doing the last two days. Going through beads and sorting the good stuff from the not-so-good - threw a lot out and organized a lot. Discovered there were beads I bought more than once because I couldn't find the ones I already had. Mostly spacer beads and stuff. But - I will be organized soon!


Oh, and the snow? I'm not sure how much we actually got, but they are predicting more tomorrow when I AM going to work. And this is my car in the deep freeze - if you look close there is even a layer of ice across the grill. If I were smart I would have warmed it up and cleaned it off when the sun was shining this afternoon, right? Not that smart.




  1. The cake must have been delish!
    I have been playing in my bead supply too, I actually made a necklace, my daughter taught me how to link in between beads,so I have been playing with that.Too damn cold for anything else.
    Minus 35 tonight with windchill it will be 46 below!!

  2. I would totally eat that cake, just like that. Yummy!

  3. Cake looks very yummy!!!

    I want to hug your car NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ohh your poor car! I have never seen a car that iced up before!

  5. Briar has just gotten into beading and oh my, the management and organization involved. Never realized how sloped the hardwoods were...

  6. Nothing like a few loose beads to let you know which surfaces are level and which are not! :)

  7. That's one good thing about ice cream cake - it's frozen - there's still some in the freezer!

  8. Great minds think alike! I use those very storage containers too.

  9. Ähem.....would you please come over for two or three days and organize my beads, too? Now that you practised soo much......:-)
    Especially in winter I am glad, that I have a garage for my car. But this looks like more snow on one car than I had in the last three years.