Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Braille, Bread, and Mothers

One of those crazy days at work where you feel like you’re working so hard all day long and yet – did nothing. How does that happen?

I realized today that the elevator at work has some Braille in it. Yes, on the inside a blind person would get the choice of ONE or ALARM. Those are the buttons with the little Braille placard next to the button. Now being that it is a 2-story building, I was thinking maybe it would be nice to give sightless people the option of TWO. Right now apparently they get to stay on the ground floor pushing the alarm button. What’s THAT about??

So I got home from work today and saw some garbage down at the curb. It was garbage day, so the squirrels got into one of the bags or something, and the garbage guys couldn’t pick up one bread bag. Oh, bonus! Bread bag with 2 really old pieces of bread still in it. Apparently it wasn’t appealing even to the squirrels. So I went to the street and picked it up, already carrying my purse and lunch box and the mail, I paid no attention to the bread bag as I carried it in. Until I realized that the kitchen garbage was pretty full (and of course did not go out on garbage day), I tossed the bread bag on the kitchen counter with the intention of emptying the garbage and getting a fresh bag.

Except – when I tossed the bag on the counter so casually I wasn’t expecting it to kind of ‘splatter’ ANTS all over my counter top!!!!! If I had even thought about it for a half second I would have known … but I didn’t …. blech!!!

Oh and – for some reason I thought today was Mother’s day! I’m not sure why, I remember thinking ‘that’s funny, I thought it was usually on the weekend.’ I have no idea what makes my mind do these tricks – if I heard something on TV – I don’t know. But realizing it was too late to do much else – I sent my Mom an ecard last night, and figured I would call her today. Um today – is NOT Mother’s Day. What the hell?

She said that’s okay, she enjoyed the card anyway. I’m betting too – that when she saw it, she believed it WAS Mother’s day! For a few minutes anyway. At least she doesn’t spend more time than she should admit to looking up at the ceiling to see what the heck the cat is looking at.

I think they do that on purpose. The cats, that is. Let’s look at the ceiling and see if the human will look too! Then they go off and have a good laugh inside the cardboard box I’ve left out for them to play with.

Ungrateful little … why I oughta … !!!


  1. A brief hello from Scotland. Got here via a little Black Box.
    I am glad I'm not alone with looking at the ceiling or blank spots on the wall - we too are owned by cats 5 of the little blight.... er darlings!

  2. Funny post!
    Our local grocery store has a plaque out side the automatic "in" door that says "Shaws" and then something in braille underneath. I have no idea what it says as I don't read braille but if a blind person gets that far, what would be helpful for the braille to say? Hmm... I wonder.

  3. Chuckled right through this post!

    I must say I've never seen braille next to elevator buttons before. Interesting concept but do they work?