Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clara's Kitchen

Growing up, my mother's parents were the only grandparents we had, and we didn't see them very often. They lived in Michigan and we would drive up from Illinois maybe once or twice a year to visit them. By the time I was 14 both of them were gone. They were somewhat remote - children are seen and not heard - kind of people and I really don't have many up close and personal memories of them.

Maybe that's what attracts me to Clara.

Clara is in her 90's and her grandson decided to capture her on video and share her on YouTube. She cooks meals from the depression, or old Italian recipes as well. And she tells stories and recounts bits and pieces of what it was like to grow up such a long time ago when things were so very different.

I bought her book and am delighted to discover it is filled with more stories of her life, pictures and practical tips of all kinds sprinkled through it. I am not sure I will try her recipes - although I might. But for now, I think I will just enjoy Clara, on video and in words, and enjoy a grandma's wisdom.



  1. Replies
    1. I think she's actually 96 now, and I find her stories fascinating.

  2. What a find! sweet I'll have to look for this one. Memories are something that should be kept in a cookbook, lol. I'm making each of my kids Mom's Favourite Recipes for Christmas I hope I get it done in time. Take care