Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Recipe! Chicken Infused Biscuit Mass!

What?  You haven't heard of it before?  Me neither.  But I made it none the less.


It's what happens when your crock pot is too small (apparently) for the recipe you are following, and when you use big honkin' biscuits instead of the puny store brand I guess.  It was supposed to be chicken and dumplings but when it started seeping out and over the edges of the crock pot and had to be transferred into the oven in a casserole dish, I had to recognize the aggressiveness of big biscuits.  It was a little like one of those old black and white horror flicks .. The Blob, maybe.  They took over the chicken, the broth and soup, they sopped up all the liquid and sucked the chicken into them.  I understand the concept of bread soaking up liquid but these biscuits took over the crock pot and then the casserole dish to the point that this recipe turned out to be more of a loaf.

For the record the recipe called for 3 tins of biscuits and when my son brought home the ginormous ones I only used 2.  I cut them into quarters as the recipe directed.  I thought that would be an appropriate amount considering they were larger than your average biscuits.  Heh.

It had good flavor though.  For real.


  1. It looks good none-the-less and if it tastes good that is all that matters.

  2. It looks good for real. I"m imagining the lid of the crock pot lifted off with the biscuits raising. We are heading back out to the beach back in 3

  3. sounds like an old "I Love Lucy" plot! But it does look good. My mom makes dumpling this way sometimes. Personally I prefer to use flour tortilla's myself. Not a doughy. But anything I can do in a crock pot is good by me.

  4. It did taste good - but the second day it was much more "loaf-like" which bordered on iffy for me. The third day we almost finished it which is good because I'm pretty sure it would have been stone solid by day four!