Monday, October 22, 2012

The visitor

Well Hello!  This guy was up on the railing of my deck, apparently.  I saw him staring at me when I went into a cabinet to get some cat food.  I put my finger up to the glass and he put his foot to the glass.  I tapped on the window and he put his nose close as if to try to smell me.  He would come close and then back up, come close .. then back up again.  He didn't leave until one of the cats started hissing and howling at him.

No, I'm not going to try to feed him, not going to believe he's tame and encourage his presence in my yard.  But while he was here .. we had a moment.

That's all.



  1. Oh so cute! He looks young. You got a good picture of him through the looking glass, Alice.

    I'm home now for a week no excuses for me not to visit, lol.
    Take care

  2. He didn't mind having his picture taken at all! I decided I shall call him Lucas. If I ever see him again, that is.

  3. Lucas? Randy or Bandit thats the norm. Just saying.

  4. Such a cute visitor! We don't get such cuties over here.

  5. You don't have raccoons? Or is it because you live in the city?

    1. Noo, none in UK apart from maybe in the zoo!