Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I've been officially outed!

Outed as .. OLD.

My daughter loves nothing more than shopping at thrift stores.  Well, I imagine she loves her husband more, and her dog, and her friends and the rest of her family, but when it comes to shopping, she loves thrift stores.  Yesterday we had a mommy and me shopping trip to one of our large, local thrift shops.

We picked things out, tried things on, and marveled at the amazing array of ugly and worn, as well.  In the end Dani had picked out a bunch of things, I had my share as well, and we went to the register to pay.  The young man rang everything up and as he was handing me the receipt he said "your total would have been $150.00 but because Tuesday is 30% off .. "

Wait!  What?  We accidentally stumbled on the one sale day a week ..?

He explained further "well, on Tuesdays anyone who is 55 years old or older gets 30% off any
purchases  ..."  he paused .. "and I didn't KNOW, but I just took the 30% off anyway" he finished quickly.

Hmmm.  Who doesn't love a sale, right?  But I'm 56 years old - and apparently - I LOOK like it!  Sigh-h-h.  Or maybe - he was a young enough guy that anyone over 40 would look old enough for the discount to him.  Or maybe it's because I stopped dying my hair.  Or .. oh hell.  I AM old enough for the discount.

My FIRST senior discount moment.

My daughter of course leaped to take advantage "Hey Mom!  I'm going to be calling you and asking if you want to go shopping on 'old people Tuesday' now!"

I love my daughter.


  1. Bahhhaaaaha I will never stop colouring my hair. Old people's day? I guess she will always need you for something, lol. If it is anything like the ribbing I get from mine, they are getting to old people also. Nothing like getting a good deal on a good shopping day. Sorry I'm so late in visiting but summer does that to me now I'm trying to get back in the saddle, hugs