Monday, November 19, 2007

How was your day???


So last night my car wouldn’t start. I got the whine over and over but it would not turn over. Luckily my daughter is home from school because I was able to take her car to work this morning. I say lucky, but I’m finding that term to be relative.

I was making a stop to get my blood drawn this morning, for blood work I have done on a regular basis. That meant no tea, no bagel, nothing except my sip of water with meds this morning. But I’ll be doggoned if I’m going to miss one of my 2 mugs of tea – so I made 2 this morning to bring with me.

It was drizzly and gray, a tad foggy even, as I stepped outside with my huge purse slung over my shoulder, my lunchbox hanging on one arm and my 2 mugs gripped by the handles in one hand. Keys in the other – I managed to open the door to my daughter’s car.

It’s a lot lower than my car. I have a small, girls SUV, just about the height for me to slide right into the seat when I get in without really lowering myself much. Dani has a Grand Am which makes me feel like my butt is skimming the pavement when I’m driving it.

There I was with my hands full, with 2 swinging bags of sorts to deal with while I tried to lower myself down to the driveway level to get into the seat without spilling my tea. I wasn’t worried about spilling it in her car, I just didn’t want to miss a drop when I actually got to drink it later!

My daughter is 3 inches shorter than I am and at least 50 lbs lighter. At least. To get behind the steering wheel is a feat all on its own because she adjusts that wheel so it’s totally vertical, which means I can’t get my thighs under it! Her seat is also up so far that my knees are up under the steering wheel so until I can adjust the wheel and the seat, it’s extremely uncomfortable. Add to that when I slid in (yeah, I slid) my purse got trapped behind me and my lunchbox got stuck between the bucket seats – but my hand with the tea was balancing up in the air and stayed perfectly level.

Once I was actually in the seat properly and adjusted all the adjustments, I had to reach into my purse to get my glasses to see the radio to adjust it to a station I could listen to. You know, something on the a.m. dial. I started to put my glasses away until I realized I’d better find the lights with the fogginess and all, so I located the correct knob and then put my glasses away.

So basically this morning before I even got out of the driveway I felt hugely fat and incredibly old!

How did your day/week start?



  1. Hey, you didn't spill a drop of tea - that requires balance and great hand/eye coordination!

    Don't think of yourself as old, you got skills baby!

  2. Oh you make me die! I love your description. It sounded almost choreographed.

    I never leave the house without ensuring that my neighbours are well and truly aware of me and my sons' departure. I'm accompanied by an orchestra of moans, cries, screams, bickering and rants, followed by a screetching of tyres and a good puff of diesel smoke to boot.

  3. I'm such a dozey cow! I mean screeching!! Which is what I could do with right now actually.

  4. Even whilst they're still in the garage all the neighbours can hear.