Friday, November 9, 2007

We're not normal

We don’t talk in the morning at my house. At least my son and I don’t. Neither one of us is morning - or day – people really. I am forced by my responsibilities as head of the household, to hold down and keep a day job. Unfortunately that means morning is part of my routine.

My son generally goes to work around 3:00pm-ish, and does not come home till quite late, and it’s not unusual for him to just be laying down to go to sleep when I am getting up in the morning. If we do pass each other in the kitchen or as one of us enters or exits the bathroom, there is no eye contact and oh my God there is certainly no form of communication between us. Just doesn’t happen.

So yesterday morning was quite funny actually. I had slept in a tee shirt and underpants which is kind of unusual, I normally wear some kind of ‘jammie’ shorts or something, but I was tired Wednesday night. Getting up Thursday morning I did what I always do. I headed for the kitchen on autopilot.

I was standing at the counter serving up the morning canned cat food to the varmints that were circling around my legs, again, as usual. I had just bent over to put it down on the floor when Andy came around the corner into the kitchen on his way to the bathroom. In his boxers and a tee shirt. As usual.

The house is very quiet at that time of day, except for the demanding cats impatiently meowing at me while I am getting their food. I am definitely not completely awake at that point on any given day, and this day was no exception. So I can say with total honesty that it is a complete miracle that I did not wet myself and throw ocean whitefish in the air when Andy saw me and did what any 20-something boy does who sees his mother in her underwear. He screamed like he was being blinded! And the face! You would have thought he had just caught a glimpse of Rosemary’s baby!

Too funny. It was almost as bad as the morning he came around the corner and caught me in my jeans and my bra! I laughed so hard I had to cross my legs until he was out of the bathroom and by then I had tears streaming down my face.

His horror was matched only by my amusement. :)



  1. Ahhh the joys of motherhood that I missed....

    Too funny.....I'm still laughing...

  2. I also wanted to tell you that your new look is really nice....I saw who did it and I'm having her give me a new look!

  3. Oh that's awesome! She's a real sweetheart.

  4. My daughter screams" Ew " and pulls horrified faces if she sees me in anything less than full regalia , even if I should happen to be stripping off in the privacy of my own room its still " Urgh Mother youre so Gross " ....

    and when she was about six she asked me one day would I mind very much not leaving my bra s strung over the towel rail in the bathroom as they were an embarassment to her pals when they needed the loo ( cos they were so massive ! ) Well ! I was gobsmacked !

  5. I live in a house with all males so that has happened on various occasions in our house. It doesn't help when I have a husband that doesn't know that a closed bedroom door is closed for a reason (the lock is broken). He just barges on in and usually I am changing clothes. I try to keep my back to door at all times!

  6. My daughter saw me in bra and panties last year and told me quite earnestly, "Mommy, you need to go back to the gym!"

    At least yours just ran away without editorial comment .....