Saturday, May 24, 2008

I should change the name.

This is the risk she takes when my daughter comes home from school and does not put her belongings out of the reach of the cats.

To them it's a new opportunity to nest.


  1. I love the cat stories....

    They are so different from my dogs!

    I wonder if I could introduce a kitten to them....

    Probably not....but you got me thinkin'!

  2. Is that one cat in there or two ?

  3. Holly - growing up we always had dogs and cats together. I think dogs are usually more willing to welcome a kitten than a cat welcoming a puppy.

    That's just one kitty in the box. That's Jake, our boy-named girl kitty who everybody loves. Fabulous, sweet personality.

  4. Just too cute!

    Love your cat stories, I love cats!


  5. I love cats in boxes, they always look so cute!

  6. Our dogs do the same thing ... they would rather sleep in *anything* other than the very expensive orthopedic beds we bought them.