Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainbows, moonbeams, and butterflies.

Well she’s ba-a-a-c-k….! With all her stuff. Dani had a single room at college this year which means it was more like an apartment judging by the amount of stuff she accumulated. There are bags and boxes of God knows what in the living room, the garage, and I hope she has at least some of it in her bedroom.

She brought back all kinds of stuff, even the new boy. Looking for a picture of him? Well, we killed him. He is stashed under a couple of those black garbage bags with his face pressed into the cat hair covered carpet.

Except – she’s smiling while she is posing in the midst of her college possessions so I’m guessing you know I’m fooling. No, the new boy has gone back to where he lives, safe and sound and without any eye swelling that I saw and only a few sneezes. Hallelujah. We DIDN’T kill him.

I’m not going to do a whole critique here, how rude would that be? He seems like a very nice guy, honest, very forthright and intelligent. He’s got a good sense of humor, a bit on the odd side, so he fits right in. The only strike he has against him is that he is dating my daughter and I don’t know him. I would say that’s a natural strike any guy will start out with until he’s been around for a while so I’m not picking on him. Oh by the way – his name is Dan.

We’re a little Dan heavy around here. My son hangs out with a guy named Dan, and sometimes this other guy named Dan. My brother’s name is Dan, my daughter is Dani and her new boy is Dan. STOP THE MADNESS!!! Oh sorry. Just a little Dan crazy for a second there.

My daughter is home, and so happy with this new boy I’m tempted to lift up her skirt to verify that rainbows and moonbeams really are shooting out of her butt. With butterflies. And possibly kittens.

Um, but I won’t. Have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. Fantastic!! Nearly spat my cuppa tea all over the keyboard - you are so funny!!
    Your daughter does look happy regardless of all those boxes - ARRRRRR!!! Now how do I keep my OCD in check??


  2. Oh dear that reminds me I have this coming in about 3 weeks but times 2..

    Both my daughters will be home with all the accompanying "stuff" for about 3-4 months!

    Nice to see your daughter looking so happy :) Hope she didn't bring home all her dirty laundry!

  3. She is so pretty :=)

    By the way, remember back before Christmas when I told you that chocolate brown and blue were this year's "in" colors?

    That's the first thing I thought of when I saw her outfit, LOL.

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  5. Ty - I sent you an email but I want to say here - Lara was very responsive, easy to work with, quick, nice, and I love my blog!

  6. Well, it should be easy to remember his name at least. My son is back from college too but we had to move him in with little brother because we took over Nick's bedroom since we are
    remodeling ours. All of his things are all over the living room and the house is just a mess but I am glad he is back home.