Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mark my words ..

I will never, ever, in my life have 4 cats all at one time again. Ever. Did I mention never?

Don't get me wrong. I love these cats, I do. If I had a bigger
house with a basement room just for litter boxes and could afford to pay someone to come in and vacuum and de-fur every single day, I would probably have more than 4.

But this house isn't that big and I don't vacuum every day. The litter boxes are in the utility room because there is no basement. And the cats are everywhere. Or so it seems.

I only meant to have 2 and I think that is a reasonable, manageable number for most people, and I have told how I came to have more. I'm really not sitting here plotting how to get rid of any of them and I'm not waiting impatiently for any of them to die. But oh, the hair.

My daughter did not tell me how allergic the new boy is. The idea of someone who may be
severely allergic to cats coming into my home makes MY throat start to close. I can vacuum, I can wipe down furniture and poke into the corners and crevices where hair can hide and it would still never be enough. I can de-hair to my heart's content but if someone is truly horribly allergic none of it will make a difference. I cannot get rid of all the dander and cat bits that can't be seen with the naked eye.

So, for Mother's Day I am hoping my daughter will come home and I will meet the new boy without having to jam an epi-pen into his leg. Wish me luck, will you?

And for all of you mothers out there, I wish you the best day ever!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. I forgot you were a crazy cat lady. You really need to go to Cute with Chris. He has a special place for crazy cat ladies.

    Happy Mother's Day, BetteJo. You sound like you are a great one.

  2. OMG I am SO subscribing to that!! There IS a place for me in the world. Lol!

    Thank you Drew!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!!

    I feel for the new boy, I am severely allergic to cats, too. Just *reading* about cats and their abundant hair makes my eyes itch!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! And lots of luck with meeting the new BF. Maybe he could sit near an open wibdow if it's not too cold?

  5. I'm hoping he's not severely allergic! But no windows open, it's only 52 degrees here today.

  6. Now I love cats, I really do, but couldn't cope with 4. I'd love 1 but ol' man hates em so big NO, have to put up with gerbil instead, not quite the same.......

    Happy Mothers Day to USA!


  7. here's wishing you an epi-pen free mother's day! :)

  8. We have four cats and we have a supply of anti histamine tablets that one of my daughters friends leaves here for when she comes to stay . They work well so she tells us and three of ours have long hair which sheds a lot and we dont vacuum all the time either .
    Happy Mothers Day ! WE had ours back in march .... xxx

  9. Ah !! Anyone that loves Michener can't be all bad, he is one of the few authors I've actually collected.

    Four cats isn't any big deal, I have four, but two live outside and never come in, they think they are god and I'm just here to feed them.

    Two come and go as they please and that is fine with me. Happy Mothers Day.

  10. God you are so funny - you really are!! I love cats too but four - come on woman thats asking for trouble! I on the other hand have one cat and two dogs - now clean up after them if you like - I am like a mentalist on speed when get the vac out!! Oh the drama!!
    love bev x

  11. My daughter told me, and I am putting it here in print, that she will take the one cat considered to be HERS when and if she moves out. That will get me down to 3. *whistling* ... one down ...

  12. LOL.

    I tell my boyfriend-spousal equivalent that if he EVER leaves me, I am getting cats. So he can never come back. I would give ANYTHING but him to have a couple of cats. I miss kitties....but he is horribly allergic...

  13. What beautiful babies you have, even if they are dander ridden fur balls. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.