Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In response to my doctor.

I'm announcing here that eating is over-rated and I'm giving it up. I'm done. I mean, it's just not working for me. Somehow no matter how I do it I do it badly.

So, I was thinking. When someone has a gastric bypass, how do they lose weight? Well, they lose weight by eating very little. So, what is the difference between not eating because your stomach has been stapled to the size of a gummy bear, or because you simply choose not to? Really, what is the difference?

Over the last 5 or more years I have convinced myself that what all the books and doctors and probably Oprah have said is true. Diets don't work. I took the course of - eat what I want, when I want, and stop when I am full. Of course that is supposed to encourage moderation and all that but I guess that's not how it has worked for me.

I have becoming increasingly cognizant of the fact that the older I get the less fuel my body needs. How fair is that? You live for years, you struggle and work and get to a point where maybe you can be a bit more comfortable and enjoy things, and whoosh! Somebody pulls the rug out from under you and says - yes, relax and enjoy your middle age and beyond, but just so you know - all those foods that you have come to love over the years? Yeah, they're poison to you now. They will make your butt big, enlarge your heart and push your blood pressure up. They will raise your sugar and make you winded after walking from your car into the Taco Bell. Yeah. Enjoy aging, enjoy your hard earned experience and wisdom, but eat oatmeal and radishes and boiled chicken breasts for the rest of your life! Argh-h-h!

So - I give up. If I cannot eat responsibly then I cannot be trusted to eat at all. And I'm fed up. (No pun intended.) I'm just done.


  1. You know, they have a name for that...

    It's bad! Eat Food! Just eat moderately...If you start eating much smaller portions eventually your stomach and metabolism will adjust. Truly!

  2. 1st time I am confronted with a nice piece of lasagna with gooey cheese - sigh-h. I'm doomed.

  3. I'm with you.

    And this:
    "...make you winded after walking from your car into the Taco Bell."


  4. Wow you read my mind......
    Damn your good ......

  5. yup. been there, done that bettejo. now i just await my fate while pleasing myself. it's hard but someone's got to do it. :)

  6. Oh BetteJo, I made the same decision once or twice, and Im sure you know, eventually, youre going to have to eat. Well, I had to anyway :)
    I think youre very brave to have said all this - especially publically!
    I know all the 'diets' out there say you should eat high carb, low fat - but its a total load of bull!!!

  7. My problem is not so much weight but where it goes - south! Argh! Maybe I should hang upside down like a bat.

  8. Yes, lots of things about getting older are very unfair.
    The pill Alli that is supposed to help you loose weight it tricky too. If you eat too much fat, you throw up. Now is that fair?