Monday, August 27, 2012

Look at my Jakie!

Took Jakie to the vet this evening, and asked them to shave some spots on her sides.  Turns out it's really hard to give a tiny, skinny kitty a shot - it's hard to tell if you're getting that insulin under her skin, or into a handful of fur.  The vet tech said they actually suggest doing this sometimes and surprisingly, some owners will not let them alter their kitty's coat.  ?   Jake doesn't mind, why would an owner have a problem with it if it helps getting their kitty well?  Or at least helps getting their condition stabilized?  Anyway.

Giving Jake her injection after the haircut was easy peasy, no problem at all.  She might have to stick with this hairstyle for a while - maybe she'll start a trend!  Sh-h-h-h...that's what I'm telling Jake anyway.  She's sex-ay!



  1. She is sex-ay...and she knows it. LOL. Next time you should have them put in a design, maybe a star or a lightening bolt.

    1. I'm thinking these are wings. Angel wings!

  2. It's Football season! A Chicago Bears symbol would work.