Monday, August 6, 2012


So almost $400.00 later .. seems Norah has a disk in her back pressing on her spinal cord, causing the weakness in her back legs.  We think.  Hard to tell for sure on the x-rays - we are trying anti-inflammatory drugs for now, to see if that will help.  If that doesn't help we may need a neuro consult, and more tests to rule out something like tumors or God knows what.  Poor Norah.

I ask you, what is next?  And .. does anyone know if nursing homes for kitties exist for working "moms" who can't be home with the kitties all the time?  Thinking I also need help with sentence structure but I'll wait for that.  Sorry.  Might be time to start enjoying some wine.

Like I said, Oy.



  1. Oh poor Norah and poor you. Its so hard when you don't really know what to do for them. And leaving them alone is even harder. Hire a babysitter maybe? hope the meds help her and there is no need for more tests. Sometimes thats as bad as them being sick. I'm hoping for the best.

    1. I felt so bad going to work today, but I had to. This is a new job - I have to be responsible. But I was really thinking about my kitties during the day.

  2. Oy is right. Poor kitty. I do hope it is not a tumor. Keeping my fingers crossed that the anti-inflammatories will work.