Thursday, June 14, 2007

Always tired. Always.

It's been a good day!
But .... I would like to feel like other people. If I get enough sleep - I'm tired. If I don't get enough sleep - I'm tired. Gaining weight - and it continues. The doc says it's not my thyroid - but he hasn't done all the tests. Going to get a bit of education and then tell HIM what I want. Tired of being tired.
BUT - even with Etsy experiencing technical difficulties, I was able to list those items last night, and then sold 3 today. Yay! Been experiencing a dry patch - just need to keep pushing on.
Going to try to make it an early night - did want to post about selling. I am still new enough to still get excited about every sale. Forums were starting to get a bit nasty today - people getting impatient with the problems. I couldn't bear the attitude so I signed off. Still - I think the people who get impatient and nasty are the minority. I truly believe that the majority understands how fast Etsy is growing and how hard admin works to keep things going. Personally - I think admin rocks!
Sigh-h-h-h. It's all supposed to be about the journey, right? Or am I mistaken?

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