Sunday, June 24, 2007

Okey Doky

Is there a proper way to spell that?

So. My daughter and I both recommend the Nutrisystem sloppy joes. Dani HATED the apple toaster pastry while I thought the strawberry was okay. She thought the texture of the cranberry orange pastry was "spongy" - I really enjoyed it. I think she is more sensitive to texture than I am. The food as a whole so far has been a bit disappointing. I guess I was expecting it to be at least as good as Lean Cuisine or something, but on the other hand it was important to me that it not need to be refrigerated or frozen because I simply don't have the space. So I suppose there is a trade-off there. I particularly DID enjoy the chicken fettuccine I had last night, as well as the meatloaf I had tonight. The mashed potatoes were pretty weird though. Dani gave the mushroom risotto a high rating as well. I've been holding off on weighing myself - I don't feel any different I don't think. Hmmmm.

On an entirely different note - I managed to get some nice pieces made tonight. I finally used the agate slab beads I had, made a really nice necklace. Got about 5 pairs of earrings done, a couple necklaces and bracelets. I like to get several pieces done and then do all the picture taking together, etc. I'd like to get a few more things made before I move on to that step this week.

Made a sale tonight, sold one of my favorite necklaces. One of those things that I would look at and think - why hasn't that sold yet? It's so pretty. But - obviously - to each his own, there's something out there for everyone but it's not necessarily in my shop!

Oh! I almost forgot! HerRoyalMajestyBags posted in the ETC section of Etsy's forums - that her neighbors are giving her a hard time because they don't like that she hangs her laundry out to dry in her own backyard. Well, HerRoyalMajestyBags got fed up and posted a request for underwear! She wants to make some kind of prayer flag made of undies - although I think it's gotten bigger than that at this point. I got my contribution ready and it will go out tomorrow. She has promised to post pictures - so hopefully all of us who have donated to the cause will get to see the results! What a hoot! :)

I guess I never realized that it was considered "trashy" to hang your laundry out to dry. Have people gotten so far away from their childhoods - or did these people grow up in the city? I don't know. I remember having to go into the backyard to hang clothes for my Mom (probably not very often) or to take stuff down. The only equipment needed - a clothesline, laundry basket, and clothes pins. Such a simple thing. But is it not an acceptable practice now? Boggles MY mind! Women,menopause,peri-menopause,osteoporosis,feminism,complexion,shoes,hair,



  1. OKay, the necklace is very nice! And UM..the laundry out on the line? I remember having some out on the line as a child. My grandma did that too. Made your whites even whiter! People are too picky!

  2. When I see laundry hanging on a clothes line - it reminds me of being a kid - it was so much more common! Just when did it become something to complain about? People are weird! And thanks - about the necklace I mean! :)

  3. We still hang our laundry on the line, and always will. The only thing I can't stant is jeans from the clothes line...they're always stiff. I love the smell of air dried laundry:)

    Thank you so much for the kind comment! It's nice to know someone notices my absence. The internet can be so anonymous. I'm doing very well, though my friends and I fear that once I'm not so busy I may be hit fully by the extent of the repercussions of my decision to leave him. I'll always know, however, that it was the right thing to do, and I have strong friends to support me. I'm also a workaholic, so I see no end to my hectic schedule:)

    I love hearing about your Nutrisystem experience! I've been really curious about it, and it's interesting to read about it from an honest, straight forward perspective! I think that's what I love so much about your blog, the honesty. It's refreshing!

  4. Oy vey, I certainly do ramble! Sorry about that :)

  5. No laundy on the line? They must not know what it smells like to sleep in sunshine smelling sheets! Those poor, poor people!

    The necklace is pretty...the size of the agate chunks is great. And all of the colors...mmm. Great job on the color placement!

  6. Thanks for the comments on my necklace - more please! :) I have wanted to make a necklace like that for a long time so I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

  7. First, I love okey dokey, but as you can see, I tend to put the e in the second word as each her own.

    I just have to say a huge "Oh No!" about the clothes on the line. I just passed a yard with that the pther day and it charmed me so. Took me back to fresh air dried comfortors and that first night's sleep after a laundering and dry. Inimitable. And now with all there is with the environment and energy, how a person could criticize is beyond me. Grrrr. I have half a mind to go do a clothes line of my own, only problem is the muggy Adirondack summers coupled with my bad memory would make for some skunked laundry I think.