Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More snow

The snow we were supposed to get last night, is coming down now. I could probably get to work, but coming home would be as long as my work day I think. I've been looking for more pictures of that 1967 snowstorm and they are surprisingly hard to find! But I did find this. It would be nice if it had some sound with it, but really - the pictures tell the story. 1967, some super 8 home movies. The cars were pretty cool back then, what you can see anyway! I tried to embed that video but could not do it to save my life. Still, take a peek!

Here are a few more pics I was able to find.

The snow drifts were huge

A little blurry but you know these kids were having fun!

I love the walk to the house, the snow is piled as high as the kids!

Hopefully I can get some pictures of our current snowfall, sometime during the day.


  1. I hope you didnt go to work an dI hope you had a gret trip down memory lane . We have lots of family pics but in UK the biggest storm I was told about was I think 1963 . I must ask if this was one too . Otherwise despite all those miles and the opcean between us , the pictures realy look eerily the same . I love them . nd the memories are just great , my mother taking us , on foot , to a coffee morning , our toes and fingers freezing . I can still feel the heat in tht house as we arrived . Wonderful .

  2. I wish we had some snow over here in London..

    I love those photos... they took me back to when I was about 8 or 9 I had a penpal in Chicago and she sent me an almost identical photo of the snow.

    Now I wonder what happened to her!

  3. Yikes! I remember living in Cheektowaga, NY when I wal little. The snow was like that, I remember making igloo's and playing so long my face went numb. Now I hate the snow because I have to drive in it and people in Oklahoma are complete idiots in the snow. Seriously. I may be doing all the right stuff, but everyone else won't. It's almost a guarantee 'round these parts. Even the locals admit they stink.

    I wish I could enjoy it again tho!

    Those pictures are great!

  4. I think snow is always best when you're a kid - and maybe even better as a memory from when you're a kid!

  5. Your pictures remind me of the terrible storm we had in the winter of 2004 - 3 feet of snow in 24 hrs.With drifts right up to the window. We call it White Juan as just a few months before, we were hit by hurrican Juan!!