Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Music with my meal would have been better

After a long day at work and attending to these doggone cats the minute I walked in the door, I settled onto the couch with my laptop to figure out what I was going to have for dinner.

Only my 2nd day on Weight Watchers but I have figured out why I think it works as well as it does for so many people. WW is more about what you CAN have, as opposed to what you can’t. You have points to ‘spend’ and what you choose to spend them on is your choice. Nothing is off limits, the question is – do I want to use my points for that?

I was perusing food choices and points values when my son passed behind me and went into the bathroom. Nothing unusual about that, and I continued to debate the idea of something frozen vs. possibly cooking something. You get kind of excited about the idea of getting the most bang for your buck so to speak, in picking your meals.

I will spare you the details of what happened next but suffice it to say – the word vomit does not adequately describe what went on it there.

So I may not be using all of my points today. Somehow eating just doesn’t hold quite the same appeal as it did when I came home.


**Edited to add: Contrary to what Andy thinks - he IS sick. He let me go out to get him some Gatorade. That's proof, he generally doesn't let me take care of him.


  1. OH NO! I hope that he is feeling better. And good for you on day 2 of your diet. The first week is always the hardest. I'm starting next week on my workout regime. I'm trying hard to get myself psyched up about it, but I have to tell you, I am struggling, and I haven't even started.

  2. He's fine I think. When I asked if he was okay he said "I'm fine. I think I got it all out." And proceeded to walk away. He's 24, he doesn't let me take care of him. Sigh-h.
    Good for you on starting a work-out routine. That's harder than dieting to me!

  3. I hope he feels better soon. My father believes in the "Getting it all out makes you feel better immediately" theory.

    I think you've nailed WW. On so many diets it's not about choices, it's about what you cannot have. A couple of family members have done really well on WW, and maintained as well.

  4. Oh, congrats on your new WW plan! There are a bunch more things you can enjoy in moderation with the WW... And I hope your son feels better soon! Maybe you can find something bland for the both of you for dinner!!!

    I almost feel better when I let it go....I hate doing it, but nothing is worse than those moments just before you, um, let 'er rip!!


  5. Laura - apparently your father is right - Andy is just fine today. Good enough to spend the day at the Art Institute of Chicago!

    DD - The boy is fine. Spent the day out of the house but of course when I asked him to get the 40lb container of cat litter out of my car he was "still a little weak." Arg-g-h-h!!!

  6. My mother did WW for years and it worked very well for her; hope it does for you too!

    Glad to hear Andy feels better, but it sounds like you were on to a new kind of plan there for a bit :=)

  7. So far so good with the WW,day 4! Woo hoo!