Sunday, November 16, 2008

A few thoughts . . .

Every time that commercial comes on for the "over the shoulder . . . Buxton organizer" - am I the only one who hears "over the shoulder boulder holder?" Every.Single.Time?

I bought a package of toilet paper the other day and when I got it home I noticed it advertised it's brand as being "flushable." Um-m-m . . . wasn't it flushable before? Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

Leaving my car and hurrying into a store the other day I remember thinking "I feel young. Still." Don't know why it occurred to me except that it felt good to stretch my legs after driving home from work. Later at home after I'd been sitting for a while, I rethought it with a bit more honesty. "I do still feel young. Except when I try to move."


  1. O! Your blog is so fun. I'm a bead hoarder and just happened upon your blog. I'm almost 50, too, and I see you live in Lubbock! I live in Midland! Condolences gladly accepted. LOL. Take care.

  2. What cracks me up is when I read on the package its recycled sure pause for a second there as you read that one.....eeewww...

  3. Am I the only one that thinks those bags are awful? Can you imagine carrying one of those of the shoulder boulder holders?

  4. No, Holly. You're not the only one. Those are really ugly bags. There is no need to sacrifice style for function!

  5. Over the shoulder boulder holder - priceless :)