Saturday, November 8, 2008

Now there's an award for it!

The other day I was reading a post over
here, and while I wasn't experiencing the same thing Lara was exactly, I still feel like I've been quite lame lately. Most likely because I've been living and breathing the election for a while now, but not writing on my own blog about it because I really didn't want a debate here. Now that it is over, and my candidate did not win, I feel like I have something akin to a mild case of postpartum depression, er .. post-election depression. So I have not had anything to say or anything to write about and haven't even been reading and or commenting on all of the blogs I usually do.

I figured I should apologize to anyone who regularly reads here for being so lame, but I really didn't want to make myself feel even worse than I already do - so I made it into an award! A lame award, of course.

Don't worry, I'm not going to nominate, tag, or award this to anyone else. But I AM awarding it to me, in honor of my lack of substance or amusement lately. Sorry. And if anyone else feels the same way - feel free to grab it for yourself. I mean, I made the badge and it's pretty lame but even lame awards are meant to be shared. And I'm not exactly attached to it.

Enjoy. Or not. I guess I'm kind of ambivalent about it.


  1. Oh .. sorry you feel like this ... but you couldnt be lame if you tried !
    Hope you feel better soon ...

  2. I love the lame award. You're hilarious!

  3. I don't think you're lame :p. I think you're pretty great :)

  4. Now that's an award that you don't deserve. I loved the hunk shopping one yesterday so there!

  5. now that you've made a special "lameness" award, your blog is no longer qualified to be "lame." sorry, but those are the rules. :-P

  6. U r not lame- just chillin- I dont even know what I'm doing I havent posted for so long- lol but I look at your stuff every day if possible- (((HUGS)))

  7. No way are you or your blog even a teeny weeny bit lame so it's a very undeserved award actually!

    But I know myself it happens that we go through phases of being more or less exciting/excited..

  8. LOL....that's why sometimes I don't blog....I feel like I'm BORING.

    I have the election hang over as well.

    Nice's hard to get in the mood to create. I'm like that with my website. I have to be in the mood, which lately is not often.