Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's because of my mental problems. Really.

I just realized that I rarely remember to go back to a blog I've commented on, to see if there is a response. Even if I've asked a question. Please forgive me, it has nothing to do with disinterest, I promise you.

Today, the BF and I were getting some quick lunch. I filled our drink cups, all diet for him, half diet and half regular for me. Cuz of course I only need to half diet! I carried them over to where I could get straws while he went to get condiments. Setting the cups down I made a mental note of which cup was mine and which was his while I reached for napkins.

The boyfriend came up along side me and said something to me, a question, a comment, I don't remember. (of course!) But it was just a short aside, whatever it was. Probably along the lines of "Got everything?" At that point I looked at the cups and I looked at him and said "You just interrupted my thought processes for a split second - and that was long enough for me to forget whose drink is whose. Sorry."

The mental note was completely gone from my head and I knew better than to bother trying to retrieve it. I'll save those kind of mental gymnastics for more important things than cups of pop.

Luckily most people don't know whether or not you come back to see their response, and I know if I never mentioned it - hardly anyone would ever know! But it makes me feel kind of crappy when I only realize someone responded to one of my comments months later when I am googling my own name and basking in my own famous-ness - and I run into something I don't recognize as something I said.

I mean, everybody googles their own name now and again, don't they? Or is it just me?



  1. Not just you, Sistah. I do it too.

    Now that I've actually joined one of those online groups with my real name, YIKES, I fear it will only get worse!


  2. I forget things at the drop of a hat..

    I get the emails so I know when there are more comments on blogs I've commented on, don't you get those?

    And yes, I admit I do Google myself occasionally..hehehe

  3. Don't feel bad I never go back to check on my comment,it just never occured to me to do that!
    We all forget stuff,I have to write it down if its important...oh welllll....
    Never googles myself I am going to do it right now!((See what I am up to LOL!))

  4. No, I don't get those emails. I figure I get emails when people comment on MY blogs - of I get emails when people comment on other people's blogs too - well - I just don't have time. :)

  5. One of my friends googled her name and to her chagrin, first on the list of people with exactly her name was a porn star!!

  6. Cripes - I would never come up for air if I did that!! Mind you if it is something really important I may favourite it or star it on my google reader (by the way I dont get ypur updates on that either - even though it accepted you!!)

    Then I have to remember to check that too - HELP!!!!!!!!

  7. I google myself and then am always disappointed that I have to search for pages to get to myself. Apparently there is a principal and a hockey played outshining me.

    Also? My memory sucks and I never check back to see if anyone commented back to me. That's why I email my comment responses to people. Saves us both time.