Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oops - forgot a title even. I'm seeing a pattern . .

So I never did remember whatever it was I was going to write about the other day. No clue. Don't you just love it when that happens?

It might have had something to do with Christmas though. Every year I ask my kids for Christmas lists. I need help and figure their suggestions are better than anyone else's. But they aren't giving me their lists this year. I know they are 22 and 24 years old but my gosh! What am I supposed to do without those ideas? I might have to give my daughter some Polly Pockets, she did love those once upon a time. And I could get some Legos for my son except I don't think we ever got rid of the ones he had when he was little. Maybe I'll just get them from the garage and clean them up. It would serve both of them right.

Actually Andy did tell me one thing he would like. ONE. And this is from the kid who used to give me a 2 page single-spaced typed list of CDs and DVDs he wanted. But I suppose with all the new forms of media out there - he may not want that stuff anymore.

And my daughter? Dani hemmed and hawed and finally said "I don't really have any . . . wants . . . right now I guess." WHAT????

So I started my shopping today, and I made a dent in it - without the lists. Hear that Dani? It really WILL be a surprise this year! I do most - if not all my shopping online so I'm usually done earlier than other people and I love that part. I get the stressful part out of the way so I can enjoy the season and the decorations and all that goes with it - in peace. Theoretically anyway.

And I keep lists of everything I buy all the way down to the stocking stuffers because with the proven faultiness of my memory - I'm sure I would forget something I bought and it would never make it under the tree. And that would stress me out.

I'm all for a peaceful Christmas season, and it's coming fast. Amazing, isn't it? This year has gone by faster than any I have ever experienced. Weird how that works. Hope it's not just that I've forgotten big chunks of it!!


  1. I hate Christmas shopping it stresses me out,I order online as much as possible.
    This year was easy I paid for my daughter's visit to Amsterdam , she leaves today with 3 other friends,now my son that's a different story,I will have to be very creative.
    Last year's Christmas was pitiful ,Mom died on Dec 16th, it wasen't Christmas I want this year to feel like Christmas
    For my kids its all about the stocking they love the surprises... at 31 and 35 you would think it dosen't matter but they are sentimental.
    I agree it came so fast this year. what's up with that!

  2. I wonder if they just prefer something not tangible. One colleague told me his father freaks out each Christmas because the colleague doesn't really need anything. But he appreciates money for ski pass or two.

    The parent would rather it be something to put under the tree.So my colleagues has suggested putting money perhaps in several boxes and wrapping it up!!!

  3. Oh I hate it so much! So I give you alot of credit for finding a way to make it stay fun for you - Bravo!